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Ollie’s 1st Haircut

Bye bye curl!

Most milestones are happy moments, but sometimes they are bittersweet. Ollie’s first haircut was one of those bittersweet moments. Ollie was born with a shock of dark hair. Daddy proudly exclaimed, “That’s my contribution!” upon seeing Ollie for the first time. Slowly though, his hair fell out, as many newborn’s do, and was replaced with fine… read more »

A Special Daddy

Walking in the Park

  Time can change so much. When I was younger, I never dreamed I would ever want children. Maybe it was because I was the eldest of 6 children. Maybe it was because I had shared everything for so much of my life and was ready to be selfish and just be on my own.… read more »

Every Home Needs A House Mouse!

House Mouse

Sewing stuffies is one of my favourite hobbies, but until recently, I could not find any time to create any little critters. As Easter approached, I had big plans of making Ollie a stuffed monkey (which I am still hoping to get to soon), but I became too busy, and one of my pet peeves… read more »

Ollie’s Mega Post!


Well, here it is everyone! Here is Ollie’s Mega Post! It has been a while, as we’ve just been so busy, but I have finally found some time here and there to get this entry together so everyone can read the update on our hip lil’ dude.  Easter arrived early this year is seems, or… read more »

Recycled Sweater Snack Bag!

Dino Snack

Hi everyone! It has been awhile since my last post, and I promise an epic Ollie post is coming soon! Until then, I thought I’d share a little crafty idea I had been really wanting to try in order to save myself from my crazy consumption of yucky plastic Ziplock baggies. The idea is simple:… read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Today is a day for love! Share your love with friends, family, little ones, furry, slimy, scaly or feathery pets, or heck, share your love of eating with a nice cherry pie! Just express some love in any creative way you can. Make a card, bake a cake, clean the house, hold the door for… read more »

A Weekend of Snow!

Snow Angel

This past weekend was beautiful! The snow was fluffy and white, the air was crisp and the sun was shining. The wind was the only thing that was a bit much for me, but other than that, it was the perfect weather to play outside with Ollie.  We bundled Ollie up in his snowsuit (totally… read more »

Happy 1st Birthday Ollie!


Wow!  This past month and a bit has been a roller-coaster ride for us. Between the bustle of the Christmas season, the hope for the New Year and the return to normal, everyday life, our little man, or should I say, big man, celebrated one of the hugest milestones ever. His first birthday! I will never… read more »

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope that you all find yourselves surrounded by family, friends and loved ones during this wondrous winter holiday season. Now if only we were surrounded by a little more snow. ;)     

Tree Trimming with Ollie

Ollie and the Tree

Last night we decided to dig out the Christmas Tree and the decorations as we just couldn’t wait for the snow any longer. We put on Christmas music, turned on the fire place and made some hot cocoa, and then set off to turn our house into a winter wonderland.  As soon as we got… read more »