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About Me

About Me

I’m Amanda.

New to Mommahood with a tendancy to be a bit overprotective and a tad over-anxious (but always with good intentions). I spend my free time taking photos of my babies (furry and fur-free), bargain and antique hunting, stitching stuffies,  reading with a cup of tea in my hand and cuddling with my darlings. A simple kind of life.

Married to my tech lovin’, smile inducing, childhood sweetheart Chris.

Momma to our little Oliver Sullivan, born early Boxing Day 2010, just in time for some great sales.

Ollie is a bright, often serious, focused baby, who seems interested in understanding how everything around him works. He is a little timid, cautious even, but when he’s comfortable in his surroundings, he’s full of smiles and expressive faces. He’s a bit of a complainer (he gets that from me), and anxiety can get the best of him (my fault as well), but when he laughs, it is with his whole heart and it just melts away all the stress and difficulties of the day (that talent comes from his Daddy). He is full of curiosity, and is starting to adjust to his new world. He loves his pets, loves his techy stuff (thanks Dad), and Selena Gomez (his first crush).

We laugh through the difficult times, enjoy the little things, and reflect on our wonderful life together. I can’t go one day without feeling an overwhemling love and appreciation for all we have. We love garage sales, family walks, and our morning gatherings in bed.

Chris is from the future.
I’m from the past.
And Ollie is our present, bringing us together. Bringing us home.