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Ollie’s 1st Haircut

Ollie’s 1st Haircut

Most milestones are happy moments, but sometimes they are bittersweet. Ollie’s first haircut was one of those bittersweet moments.

Ollie was born with a shock of dark hair. Daddy proudly exclaimed, “That’s my contribution!” upon seeing Ollie for the first time. Slowly though, his hair fell out, as many newborn’s do, and was replaced with fine light brown hair in time. His hair kept on growing, though the top seemed to grow faster then the surrounding hair, until he finally ended up with a hairstyle that closely resembled an old man’s comb-over. 

Oliver’s hair then became a battlefield. Every morning he’d wake up, and the long pieces would be stuck straight up in the air like Alfala’s, and as the day wore on, that piece would mysteriously become matted and attract Ollie’s hands during meals. I should mention that Ollie’s hands during meal time, are usually full of food and he hates when they are dirty. He rubs them madly on anything, or demands we clean them when he spots something stuck to his fingers.

Brushing out Ollie’s matted hair was a struggle, as he would cry when I’d come to a knot, no matter how gently I brushed. It was a nightmare, and yet I dreaded the haircut as much as I dreaded the tantrums.

Despite Ollie’s hair challenges, he had this one adorable curl over his left ear. The hair on the right side of his head was straight and straggly, but on the left, this little lock curled so cutely out and gave him the appearance of being younger than he is. Perhaps that is what was holding me back from booking the appointment. Maybe I feared him getting out of the salon chair looking like a businessman instead of our cuddly toddler. Maybe I was sad to know that the soft curl I twirled while we sat together reading bedtime stories would signal the fact one day he just won’t need me like he does now. And maybe I was trying to keep my little man a bit longer. 

As silly as I know this all is, I know these feelings are something all mom’s (and dad’s) experience as their children grow past new milestones and venture out as individuals. I believe that in the end, the words in Robert Munsch’s book ‘Love You Forever’ ring true: ”I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.”


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