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Ollie’s Mega Post!

Ollie’s Mega Post!

Well, here it is everyone! Here is Ollie’s Mega Post! It has been a while, as we’ve just been so busy, but I have finally found some time here and there to get this entry together so everyone can read the update on our hip lil’ dude. 

Easter arrived early this year is seems, or that’s what it felt like anyways. With the up and down weather, (one day it felt like summer, while the next day it was back to cold with wet hail), I guess I never felt the seasons change properly, and before I knew it, the Easter Bunny was coming for a visit!

Since we are blessed to have both sets of grandparents close by, we are able to celebrate pretty much two of every holiday celebration. Easter was no exception. We celebrated Easter on Saturday with Chris’ parents (Gramma and Grampa), as well as with Chris’ sister, her husband and their daughter Edie. It was a beautiful day out, so we headed outdoors for some attempted kite flying, bubble blowing and Easter egg hunting. Ollie had a blast crawling through the grass, and decided to take the backseat on the egg hunt, while Edie ran around finding all the eggs. After soaking up some sun, we headed indoors to open Easter gifts from Gramma and Grandpa and then dine on some yummy ham, salad, ribs and veggies. Ollie really dug the ham!

The next morning, we had our own little Easter egg hunt, as the Easter Bunny had come to visit while we were sleeping! He left Ollie some candy, fun toys and a doll from ‘In the Night Garden’. Ollie adores him and even makes him dance to the show’s theme song.

Later that afternoon, my family came over for Easter dinner, including my sister, who was visiting from Pembroke. My nephew Alex went on an Easter Egg hunt in the basement, and then while my family played video games together, my mother and I made some Easter pizza! :) It was delish! We also had some yummy punch and delicious desserts. Chris then put on the Easter movie ‘Hop’, and while we watched that, Ollie opened his gift from his Meme. It is the coolest activity book ever, made with love by my old neighbour (and basically family member) Marg. It is so gorgeous, with tons of activities to keep little ones busy for hours. There is a page to learn how to button buttons, to tie shoes, to zip and unzip a zipper, magnets to play a matching game and so much more! She hand-stitched the whole book, and it will definitely be a family heirloom in our home. 





When Ollie turned 15 months, we went to our scheduled doctor’s appointment and we’re so happy to see he finally broke the 20lbs mark! He weighs 20.5lbs! Yay! He IS growing! ;) He has 5 teeth, with another on the way and is growing in length with a bit of a bobble head. He got his chicken pox shot, as well as his vaccination. Poor kid was not happy during that entire visit. I’m sure he’s very excited for his 18 month visit. :p

I decided to compose a little list of Ollie’s favourite things and things he dislikes. 

Favourite things: 

Swim class (drinking water, walking along the inside of the pool, and singing songs), the iPad and iPhone, the computer, exploring new environments, visiting the zoo, toilet time, music, dancing with his doll, playing cars and trains, opening and closing the blinds (hours of fun, seriously), and helping me put dirty laundry in the hamper while sighing “whew!”. He has become quite the little parrot. :) He is also showing what a little boy he is with his sense of humour. He laughs so hard when you pretend to fall or walk into something or make farting sounds. He loves drawing with his crayons, reading and going to the park to play on the swing and slide. His favourite shows right now are Thomas the Train, Blue’s Clues, Charmed (oh boy!), The Wiggles, Yo Gabba Gabba!, The Backyardigans, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Oh, Toodles!) and Cat in the Hat.

Click here to watch a clip of him going down the slide for the first time!

Things he dislikes:

Seeing Daddy go to work, or go outside to walk Sawyer and not being able to tag along, having to give Mum or Dad their iPad or iPhones back, diaper changes without his toothbrush and eating mushrooms.

Ollie’s favourite foods are french fries, pizza from Byron Pizza (sans cheese), broccoli, liverwurst and crackers, red grapes and pasta. He also loves  Bolthouse juice, especially their C-Boost smoothie! Mmm! He is a good eater, and is pretty open to trying new things. He likes eating with his fork and spoon, but prefers real utensils, not the plastic ones anymore. They don’t make as much noise, so therefore, are not as much fun. ;)

Ollie is a deep thinker. He is often quietly studying something deeply, like how a sliding door works, and sits there repeating the action over and over until you think he must be in a trance, or practicing to work on a factory line somewhere. When he studies things, he gets a very intense look on his face, and cannot be distracted, unless it is by something electronic or techy. He is slow to try new things, often overly cautious and timid, and sometimes his shyness holds him back at the start, but once he decides to do something, he’ll give it a try and have it perfected in no time! I recently brought out crayons for him to draw with, and after correcting how he was holding the crayon, he proceeded to pick up crayon after crayon, flipping them around until the pointed end was facing the paper, and then would draw. Another time, as soon as we walked in the door after a day out, he crawled right over to my computer sitting on the end table and picked up a plug and tried plugging it in! When it didn’t fit, he turned the computer and tried plugging it in the other outlets. He is a total nerd like his Daddy. :) Whenever he can reach the keys, he brings them over to the door and tries putting them in the doorknob so he can get outside. It’s these little things he picks up by watching us that we don’t even think of. I sometimes wish he wasn’t so observant. When I downloaded an app for myself on my iPad, he quickly discovered it and decided he liked it. Well, I didn’t want him to ruin my game (I know, silly, but hey, I need something of my own!), so I moved it into a folder full of other apps, and as soon as the iPad was infront of him, he put on his serious face, unlocked the screen, and swiped through all the pages, looking for that app icon. When he didn’t see it, he started opening all the folders, muttering to himself, looking at each app, one by one. I could tell by his face when he found it, as he got this trimphant look in his eyes, and then gleefully tapped the icon and launched my game. I’ve tried moving it around to other folders, but he always finds it. I guess I’ll have to wait until he moves out of the house before anything becomes just mine again. :)

I know every parent thinks their kid is a genius, and it makes sense, as we are all amazed that this little person, who could once barely hold up their head, is now able to count to three, or put a spoon in their mouth. But seriously guys, I think he’s a genius. ;) Haha! He’s such a bright little man. When I watch him, I can see the gears turning in his head. Never have I seen a child focus on anything like Ollie does. This has it’s disadvantages of course, as everything must. When you want your iPad back, it is nearly impossible to pry it out of his suddenly super strong hands. And then the tantrum starts. I have started only going on my iPad once he’s in bed, for fear he’ll catch me with it and demand in his toddler way, that I share it with him , which means, “HAND IT OVER LADY!”.

He is not perfect, yet even still I have the hardest time seeing his imperfections as faults. especially since he’s still a baby. It must be a new parent condition or something. He can be cripplingly shy, trying to hide himself against our chests, or legs, or even try to hide by putting his head down on the Thomas the Train table, like he did recently during an outing to a store. It was like he was wishing himself invisible. When he gets like that, he becomes very self conscious and fussy . He will start to cry and scratch his face until it’s a big, blotchy mess. It is very hard to deal with, as he will even pull out this act with people he knows well. I’m sure it’ll get better with age, as he learns to deal with his challenges. His cautious nature has also made his milestone reaching a little slower than most, though we also think his crazy bendiness is also at fault. Recently at a doctor’s visit, we were advised to set up an appointment with an Orthepedic Specialist, as the doctor suspects that  Ollie has hypermobility syndrome. The fact that his feet can turn almost backwards, do the splits while his head touches the floor, and bend his thumb back against his arm, led her to this conclusion, and she feels this may be why he’s so wobbly on his feet. He can stand while holding onto something, can climb a few stairs, sit and stand up, and then go back to sitting, but he cannot walk or stand unassisted, and even with help, his walking is very wonky. It looks like his legs are made of rubber. We have put him in swim class to not only get him used to the water, but also to build up muscle and confidence, so hopefully that helps him get some more muscle tone too. Our doctor didn’t seem too concerned yet, so we’ll wait and talk to the specialist before we worry too much. I know he’s cautious by nature, so we figure he’ll walk when he’s comfortable and ready. Already today he surprise us by being more confident on his feet, walking the length of the couch while using it for extra support and standing for a few seconds without bracing himself with his hands. I think it’s only a matter of time before this Momma becomes even busier!

Oliver has become such a happy child, always ready to smile at the silly things Mum and Dad do or jabber away while laughing to himself. He loves interacting with the pets, teasing the cats with string, or playing fetch with Sawyer, so I’m glad to see he’s going to be an animal lover like his parents. He enjoys being with us, but he also appreciates his own space to play and reflect privately. He is super inquistive, with a strong desire to understand and learn new things and he loves going off to expore new environments. His smile just lights up his face when we bring him outside and let him crawl around on the grass, or when he goes to play in the children’s area at Chapters. He is very stubborn, and once he’s onto something, there is no changing his mind. He is also super gentle and loving, always offering his food or a sip of his water to us (or to Sawyer). He enjoys picking out his own clothes to wear, as well as taking them off when he’s supposed to be napping. :) He is so much fun to be with, and always has his Daddy and me in stitches. The best part of that is he seems to know how to make us laugh, and will do/say something and then look at us, just waiting for our reaction. He’s quite the little comedian. I think he’ll be into the Three Stooges one day. :)

Ollie is still allergic to dairy, nuts and eggs, and still experiences negative reactions to somekind of enviromental irritant, which we have not narrowed down yet. We are thinking it could be seasonal, or dust/dander. I broke down and cried when I spilt milk on Ollie, as every drop that hit his skin (even through his clothes), created perfect round, red welts that immediately puffed up and caused him intense itching. I felt horrible and was so scared at how bad the reaction was. I ran him up to the tub and washed him as quickly as I could, but it just seemed to get worse from the heat of the water. I then gave him Benedryl, and that helped calm him down, but wow, what a scary situation! Just as bad, was the time he ate eggs, and spent the morning throwing up while remaining limp and heavy in my arms. He was like a sick, fevered rag doll. It was so sad to see him suffering while we remained helpless. We are just continuing to feed him other foods, and avoiding those “baddies”, but hopefully he’ll be able to eat them one day. I’m just thankful he doesn’t seem to have any issues with gluten and grains. *knock on wood*

Ollie loves to laugh. He loves being tickled and playing tag with us or his cousin Edie. Watching him reach out to pet the cats or dog melts my heart, as does watching him read his books (especially when he holds them upside down). He loves to dance to music, as well as sing. He has three songs he sings, including a Norwegian song he learned from his Uncle, a song we sing to him at bedtime (which apparently his gramma sang, and his great-gramma sang), and The Cat in the Hat song. When he sings, he squints his eyes and his face gets so expressive. He puts so much passion into his songs, it’s adorable! :) The songs I sing to him at night now are ‘Fais Do Do’ and ‘You are my Sunshine’ (Anne Murray style). 

Enjoy this clip of Ollie doing his evil, but adorable laugh while I try to get him to blow kisses. And here is a clip of him singing his Norwegian song. 

Ollie is starting to talk, though often only Chris and I know what he is saying. His current “words” are: thank you, bye, beep beep (don’t ask), Dada, Keh (kitty), 1-2-3, go go!, pee-ew stinky!, uh-oh!, splash and ‘nana (banana).

Every time Ollie falls asleep in my arms, I can’t help but look down at his peaceful, innocent face and feel myself getting choked up. I always use that moment to lean in close, to put my cheek against his soft baby skin, to brush his hair back from his forehead, to study his perfect little pout and feel his gentle breath against my face. I whisper to him that he’s a perfect little boy, that I am so lucky to have him and then quietly tip toe into his room to tuck him in for a cozy nap. I love where we are in our lives right now. I enjoy every moment with him, and cannot stop counting my blessings for being given such a wonderful gift. No  matter what side of the bed I wake up on, seeing his smiling little face in the morning flips a switch in my heart, and I can’t help but smile back, wondering what new adventures the day ahead will bring.

Enjoy this clip of Ollie waking up from his nap. :)

To keep my blog updated more often, I thought I’d use it to also share allergy and child friendly recipes, crafted items I make for Ollie and some of our family’s favourite things that we just love and cannot live without! 

See you soon! 



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