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A Weekend of Snow!

A Weekend of Snow!

This past weekend was beautiful! The snow was fluffy and white, the air was crisp and the sun was shining. The wind was the only thing that was a bit much for me, but other than that, it was the perfect weather to play outside with Ollie. 

We bundled Ollie up in his snowsuit (totally reminded me of ‘Thomas’ Snowsuit’ by Robert N. Munsch), grabbed the sled, and headed out into the cold. As soon as the chilly air hit Ollie’s little face, he scrunched it up and squinted his eyes. I wasn’t sure how this adventure was going to go, but we put him in his sled anyways, and Daddy began to pull it behind him through the snow. Suddenly, Ollie’s face lit up and he began to smile. Apparently, Oliver loves his toboggan! After his little ride, we sat him down in the snow, but because of the bulk of his snowsuit, he was unable to move. I noticed that he was starting to lean to one side, and before we could stop him, he plopped over onto his side and was stuck laying on his tummy. Poor monkey! But it was pretty adorable. ;)

We later went to visit Meme and Pepe at Shamrock Park, a dog park they created for the ARF rescue group to take their foster dogs to, in order to get them all socialized and properly exercised. It is a wonderful park, and we wanted to bring Sawyer to meet up with his doggy buddies. Again, we bundled up Ollie, and propped him up in a sled Pepe had. It was one that I used when I was a baby. :) I thought that was pretty neat. Ollie began smiling as soon as the sled started trekking through the snow. The dogs were so excited and began to collect around Ollie, trying to greet him with friendly kisses and tail wags. I think he enjoyed seeing them chase each other in the snow. I think they viewed Ollie as part of an obstacle course, as they would run around him and even jump right over Oliver in the sled! He just kept saying, ‘Oooooh!” and “Uhoh!”.  He really seemed to enjoy being in his sled, as that smile remained plastered on his face the whole time (though, I suspect it may have just froze like that).

It’s funny, as I am truly not a winter outdoors-woman. Don’t get me wrong! I love winter, but I don’t like being cold, I don’t like wet feet, I’m not a fan of winter sports (though I would like to try cross country skiing one day) and wind is my worst enemy, but because I wanted to share in Ollie’s adventures in the snow, I disregarded my previous prejudices against the cold, and braved it for Oliver. Watching him, Daddy, Meme, Pepe and the dogs enjoying themselves truly changed my mind about being outside in the winter, and I actually had fun. I’m not saying that I’m going to go out and get a season pass at some ski lodge (unless it’s Blue Mountain), but I’m glad wanting to share in Ollie’s experiences pushed me to do things I otherwise wouldn’t have done on my own. I am so lucky to have Ollie. He is the perfect fit in our world. 

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