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Tree Trimming with Ollie

Tree Trimming with Ollie

Last night we decided to dig out the Christmas Tree and the decorations as we just couldn’t wait for the snow any longer. We put on Christmas music, turned on the fire place and made some hot cocoa, and then set off to turn our house into a winter wonderland. 

As soon as we got the tree out of the box and assembled, Neko darted for the tree, as she loves climbing up inside the tree to perch (which is evident by all the leftover fur from last year decorating the branches). Chris plugged the tree in and Ollie’s eyes completely lit up. He started bouncing on his bum with excitement, and was quickly under the tree, gently touching the glowing bulbs and bristly branches. 

I think he timed learning to crawl at just the right time for him, and the wrong time for us. Every time we pulled him out of the tree, he’d motor right back under, always the stubborn and persistent child. He has already pulled off many ornaments, though I did make sure the ones near the bottom weren’t breakable. (Oh, I am so on the ball) ;)

It is so exciting to see how much he loves the Christmas Tree, and it makes me super duper eager for Christmas to arrive. Nothing makes me happier than seeing little Ollie babble and smile with glee. I cannot wait to see how he’ll open up his Christmas gifts; whether he’ll do it quickly with impatience or slowly with perfection. I am so glad we have a Christmas baby! :D


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