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Ollie’s Song

Ollie’s Song

Tonight the amazing Canadian Band ‘Hey Rosetta!’ was in town, and though we had tickets to the concert, I decided to stay in as I just needed to curl up by the fire and relax with Oliver. Chris went out on his own, but found out some friends were going, so all is well. :) I have to say I am a little sad I didn’t go, just because I always look forward to hearing them perform the song we have come to think of as “Ollie’s Song”. 

The song is called ‘Welcome’ and it is a truly touching and realistically sad song filled with the hopes, dreams, and advice parents have for their little ones. I can’t sing along with it, as I always end up crying and sounding all off key.  Seriously, just listen to the lyrics. Totally tear-inducing. ;)

Click here to enjoy ‘Welcome’ by Hey Rosetta! performing on Studio Q. (sorry, no official music video yet)


“you’ll be a bright light coming out of the dark
all the doctors blinking hard
you’ll be lightning coming out of a storm
it’s a message! it’s a miracle!

you will do alright
you got your mother’s eyes
you got your daddy’s head, everything you need

for this hard ride they’ll be strapping you on
oh the ups and downs and you can’t get off!
yeah, it’s trouble we’re handing off
and you gotta do better than us

but it’ll be alright
you got lots of time
you got your daddy’s love, everything you want 

i can feel you, and what you’re going to be
you’ll be stronger, you’ll be smarter than me!
oh baby! i’ll say it again 
you’re the most incredible thing!

sorry this is it
it’s cold and hard and badly lit
and there’s no backing out of it

so forget where you’ve been
it’ll never be that good again
and we must only look ahead

soon you’re thirty three
and everything you tried to be
was pulled apart by fear and greed

but young hands can build you up 
and carve your face in honest rock
sunlight on your noble jaw

young hands build you up….
so i’m happy that you’ve come along
i’m happy that you’ve come”

*Update: Chris just sent me a video clip from the concert of Hey Rosetta! singing it! :D Thanks honey! xo


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