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Ollie is 10 Months Old!

Ollie is 10 Months Old!

Ollie’s 10th month was a bit of a challenge for all of us, as it was the first encounter with a winter cold, and I don’t think we were expecting it or ready for it.

We had noticed Ollie was sniffling a little bit in the mornings, but didn’t think much about it, as he always seemed to be a little stuffed up when he’d first get out of bed (like his father). Then we noticed that his nose was starting to run, and it soon was accompanied by a mucus-y cough. Not long after that, a low grade fever started, and just like that, our little man turned into a sad, clingy and sick little boy. 

Ollie has never been one for cuddling, and his new desire for close contact set off little alarm bells in my head. He wanted me to hold him all day, to lay on the couch, snuggled up under the blankets together, with his hot fevered head tucked up under my chin. So many emotions bubbled up inside me. On one hand, I was so upset for my baby. I hated seeing him so worn down, frustrated and unhappy. But on the other hand, I finally had the chance to curl up with my little boy, and not have him fight me the whole time, trying to escape Mommy’s clutches. I know he’ll only be small for so long, so in a way, I selfishly cherished the closeness we shared. It was nice to feel needed again, as lately he’s been very annoyed with my constant pestering about while he’s been trying to assert his independence. He is growing up way to fast for this Mama! 

To help him with his cold, we ran warm baths, used our baby Hydrasense nasal aspirator, Baby Vicks rub, bought a humidifier and used Baby Advil when needed to keep the fever down. It was a scary situation, and very tiring for all of us. It was so hard seeing him struggle to breathe, and resist sleeping because of it. For a while, he could barely even nurse, as his nose was so plugged up, and he wasn’t eating anything else besides Cheerios. Thank goodness for Cheerios!

Ollie absolutely adores Cheerios! When he sees the bright yellow box, he dances around so excitedly in his chair, waving his arms above his head while making a soft “hooting” sound. 

He loves picking them up slowly between his index finger and his thumb, and then moving them sloooooowly to his mouth. Sometimes he just jams his whole hand into his mouth, which is pretty hilarious. I think he just loves being able to eat something on his own, without us dictating the whole event. He seems to have lost patience for us feeding him, and tries to grab our food instead. I’m glad he wants to feed himself, as that is a great milestone to reach, I just wish the process wasn’t so messy. I only feel comfortable letting him feed himself banana chunks, Cheerios, steamed veggies and his rice rusks. Anything else results in a trip to the tub. 

One thing we’ve noticed very recently is his temper. It seemed to spring up around the same time as his cold, and now comes out when he’s frustrated (not being able to crawl or having things taken away from him) or tired. He starts to growl at us, hands clenched, eyes narrowed, and if he had teeth, well they would be just grinding away. Then he lets out a piercing shriek, kicks his legs out, throws his arms wildly, and then bangs his head backwards against whatever is behind him. Sometimes he goes all stiff when you hold him, and throws himself backwards. I have never seen such anger and impatience in such a little body, but I do think a lot of it has to do with him just being frustrated with not being able to express himself or communicate with us. I think he wants to say and do a lot more than he can at the moment, and it drives him a little batty. I’m hopeful that once he starts talking and motoring around, he’ll calm down (though I know he comes by that temper honestly). 

One thing that makes him very upset is when you take away any tech gear, like a laptop or an iPhone. He is so obsessed with our toys, nothing else will do. We try bribing him with other more age appropriate toys, but he just turns his little nose at them, and lunges for our computers. He will happily “type” messages to family and friends, delete apps, change wallpapers, and even “paint” pictures, but when you try to take your stuff back, he turns into a snarling beast. It’s a little creepy, but I guess that technology addiction runs deep in his veins, thanks to his Daddy. We are trying to find him a cheap laptop to play with, so we can keep ours safe, so we’ll see what Santa brings this Christmas. For now, he’ll have to be satisfied with Daddy’s old ThinkPad. 


Recently we celebrated Ollie’s first Hallowe’en, and it was quite the event! We started off our Hallowe’en celebrations by dressing Ollie up as a turtle and going trick-or-treating at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. The whole village was open to the public to walk around, trick-or-treat, hear ghost stories, carve pumpkins, do arts and crafts, and to take part in the Hallowe’en parade. It was a beautiful fall day, and it was so neat to see kids running around the town in their costumes. It almost felt like we had walked onto a movie set. :)

After that weekend, we got ready for October 31. We decided to go with a Curious George theme, with Ollie as Curious George, Daddy as The Man in the Yellow Hat, and me as a giant (but classy) banana. :) Ollie was super tired, but remained very patient with us as we went around town, visiting family and friends. He scored some pretty awesome candy too, which we are very thankful for. ;) At the end of the night, he babbled happily as we peeled off his monkey suit, letting him sit and play with his candy in his pyjamas. I bet he can’t wait until next year! :D

One thing we know he loved, was playing with his jack-o-lantern that Daddy carved. He sat with it in front of him and rolled it back and forth for at least an hour, while chattering away to it. It was a very happy looking pumpkin, until it began to rot. Then it looked super evil and scary, which I suppose is fitting for the holiday. :) 

Ollie absolutely loves his animals (which makes it even sadder that he is so sensitive and irritated by their fur and saliva). When he sees them walk by, he dances excitedly on his bum, and lets out happy little shrieks when they come up to him. He has recently started saying “K” (hard K sound) when he spots the cats, and we think he may be trying to say kitty! :) He understands what the word kitty means, and looks around for them when we call them. I wonder if kitty will be his first legit word? Click here to see him practicing. 

Ollie and Sawyer have really started becoming best buddies. Ollie loves getting his fingers stuck in Sawyer’s fur, putting his fingers in his eyes, and in his nose, and Sawyer loves the attention and the food that seems to fall on the floor whenever Ollie is around. :) Oliver has even started putting his head on Sawyer to give him hugs and kisses. It’s so cute! We captured this cute (but long) video of the two of them cuddling up on the floor. Enjoy! 

I totally love dressing Ollie up in cute outfits, though I don’t go to the extreme and pretend he’s my little doll, changing his clothes every few hours just for fun. :) My favourite things for him to wear are skinny jeans, Ugg style boots, hoodies, fitted cardigans and of course, plaid shirts and lumberjack hats. We were given this adorable hat from a friend, and whenever we go out (the people always shout-ha!) we receive so many compliments on it. It’s starting to get snug, so it looks like I’ll have to be on the prowl for something similar for next year. Here are some photos of our little Canadian boy. 

Oliver has been crawling backwards like a champ, and often pushes himself from laying on his stomach back until he’s seated on his bum. He can also go from laying on his back, to pulling himself up to sitting by using his tummy muscles. Ollie also rocks back and forth on all fours, but he still isn’t going forwards. The other day he actually backed himself into a cubby hole in a shelf, much like Thomas the Train does at Tidmouth Sheds. I know, I know. This reference is only understood by a limited few. :)

Ollie has developed a new habit lately. While nursing, he likes to touch and explore my face. His favourite things to discover are the inside of my mouth (he is very intrigued by teeth) and my nostrils. Ew! Somehow this routine actually serves to calm him down, and often results in him falling asleep. I just know I find it hard to keep a serious face, and avoid laughing out loud, I mean, it tickles!!

Ollie loves reading his books, playing with his laptops, playing “catch” with any ball he can get his hands on, stacking blocks (well, he likes to knock down my towers), and playing with any large mixing bowl filed with items he can rattle around and a spoon he can use to make noise with. He loves dancing to theme show music, “scaring” Mum and Dad with loud shouts, playing in the bathtub and hiding in his makeshift forts. Click here to see a video of Ollie “reading” his book before bed. 

Ollie can push our buttons, test our boundaries, or drive us mad with his stubborn, fiery personality, but at the end of the day, his little soul warms our hearts, calms our minds and gives us the feeling of completeness we have been looking for all our lives. No day goes by without me falling in love with him and our little family all over again. I have truly never been happier than I am right now. xo 









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