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Eek! One More Month Until Ollie is 1!

Eek! One More Month Until Ollie is 1!

Oh-my-goodness. Stop the clocks. Slow down time. Push pause on the remote, or at least play things in slow motion. My baby is almost 1. In exactly one month, our little, itty-bitty Ollie will become a little man, moving further and further away from babyhood. Wah!!! I can’t believe how sad I actually feel. Of course I am so proud that he’s doing so well and growing into such a neat little guy, but I just can’t shake that feel of melancholy and bittersweet happiness. A part of me will probably always long for the “old” days, just like how I sometimes miss feeling him kicking away in my belly. But I do truly look forward to seeing what kind of man our Oliver will become. I can’t wait to see what he’ll be interested in, what kind of foods he will enjoy, to see him develop his own thoughts and opinions and to get his take on Star Wars; Old School or New School. This will reveal if we truly raised him right or not. ;)

Oliver’s past month was full of a lot of fun, and difficult challenges. We have learned (again), that Ollie is incredibly sensitive to…well, everything. :) While Daddy was eating a peanut butter cookie, Ollie reached out and stuffed a chunk in his mouth. Instantly he started to rash out. Because he was itchy, he started rubbing his eye, which then started to swell. We quickly got the cookie out of his mouth, and washed his face and hands. Ollie became miserable, trying to scratch and rub his face. He had outgrown his little baby mitts, so I put a clean pair of socks on his hands and tried to distract him the best way I knew how-letting him bang away on my laptop. Chris called Telehealth Ontaio, and they confirmed that it most likely was a case of contact dermatitis, which is a fancy way of saying Ollie’s skin came in contact with something that irritated it. We are lucky he didn’t have an allergic reaction, but this just enforces my belief that we need to be careful with anything that we introduce to Oliver. Definitely scary moment in the Ysebert GT household.

A fun moment was taking Oliver to his first Santa Claus Parade! :D We were so excited! We got him all bundled up, got to the parade early to get a good spot and then…we waited. For a long time. It seems there was some issues with part of the parade being a little behind, so we had to wait for a bit. But as soon as it started, it was a lot of fun! Ollie enjoyed the marching bands, the bright lights, his yellow balloon hat, and getting a special wave from Santa himself! I’m not going to lie, I totally teared up at that point. 

Here is a clip of Ollie seeing Santa for the first time at the Santa Claus Parade!

Ollie is starting to show his impatience and temper to me by kicking the wall while in his crib, or by banging his head back against things, like his high chair. I have to hide my smile, because I think it’s pretty darn funny at the moment, but I don’t want to encourage it, as eventually he’ll be bigger, and those temper tantrums will be even worse. We are going to go head to head one day, I can feel it. 

Ollie loves playing “catch” or “pass” and gets so excited when you bring a ball over to him. He bounces and breathes all funny, like he’s having an asthma attack (but in a cute way). Sometimes he tenses up with excitement and vibrates. It’s too funny. We have noticed that while he plays, he really shows his flexibility. Some people have commented that maybe he’ll become a goalie, which I think he’d love, as he’s good at making saves. :) A lot of people say babies are naturally flexible at this age, but when they see Ollie, they realize he’s a little more flexible than the average babe. I wonder if he has hypermobile joints. If so, that may be a clue as to why he hates standing or putting any pressure on his legs. 

Ollie also enjoys being put in “jail” or in his “cage”. Here is a clip of him trapped in jail. ;)

Ollie knows his name, Sawyer’s name and the word Kitty. We are unsure if he understands what Dada or Mum means. When we call Sawyer, or the kitties, he will look around for them and try to spy on them under the coffee table. His poor little head just whacks the table with each peep he takes, but he doesn’t seem to notice, as he’s too distracted by his pet pals. 

Speaking of distraction, Ollie cannot focus while nursing anymore. I often have to go into a dark room by myself to feed him, otherwise he’ll hear a noise, or see something out of the corner of his eye and ‘pop’ off. When Daddy is around, it’s the worst, as all Ollie wants to do is chat with him. Another trick that seems to calm him down and keep him eating is covering him with his blanket, so he can hold it in his hand and rub it on his face, or cover his head with it, which he seems to love. Often he’ll fall asleep while doing this. 

We are pretty sure Ollie will be singing, “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” , as he still is toothless. 

The other day, Ollie grabbed my water bottle and proceeded to actually drink from it! I couldn’t believe it, as he doesn’t seem to understand his own sippy cups, but there he is, drinking from my water bottle. I have two of the same one, so I have now given him one, and that is what he drinks from and he loves it! I think he likes it because there is no valve inside making it difficult to suck the water out, and he can do it all on his own, without anyone helping him. 

Our little dude has been making all sorts of funny sounds and wacky faces lately. The other day I was doing my Silence of the Lambs impression, and Ollie found it hilarious. He then started babbling in a raspy, low voice. It was a combination of creepy and adorable all at once. 

Click here to see Oliver making some crazy raspberries! 

Oliver is now crawling! He started off by going onto his hands and knees and moving one hand in front of the other, and then doing a bunny hop/drag with both legs. It got him where he needed to go, but now he is quickly becoming a pro! He’s unstoppable! Sometimes it takes a lot to convince him to crawl, often he will just give up and play with a toy that is closer. However, if you wave an iPhone or a gadget near him, he’ll usually start crawling. He is already starting to get into trouble, and if I notice the room gets too quiet, I run to see what kind of mischief he’s got himself into. 

Click here to see our little man on the run!

He understands how to use an iPhone. He can turn it on, go into and out of apps, turn on music, and when the keyboard shows up, he brings out his “twinkly” fingers and types away. He also knows that a remote is somehow connected to the TV, as when he holds it while pushing buttons, he continuously glances at the television to see if he’s done anything yet. He also enjoys controlling the sound system. He pushes all the buttons and turns all the knobs. Not much can be done to distract him from this game.

The other night, after nursing, Ollie lay cuddled in my arms (rare when he’s awake) and stared straight into my eyes. While looking very focused like he was studying me, he gently touched my eye with his index finger, and then touched the other other, and slowly went back and forth between the two. He looked so curious, but also like what he was doing had a purpose. Then he did the same to my nose and my mouth. When it came time to inspect my teeth, I smiled and a calm, peaceful smile appeared softly on his face as he continued exploring. It was such an intense, but tender moment. I almost felt like he was trying to memorize me or something and I really did feel like he was showing me love  in his own way. I really cherish this moment with him, and am locking it away in my memory vault. ;)

This past week, we went to Victoria Park for the annual Light of the Lights ceremony. Sadly, we missed the actual countdown, but we were there in time to walk amid the hustle and bustle of the crowd and the pretty lit up trees. We brought Sawyer on our walk through the park, and though it was a bit busy, I am glad we went and could share another family moment together. Ollie seemed to enjoy when I would spin around with him in my arms, making all the lights turn into a streaming blur. I feel so blessed to be able to have these little outings with my loved ones, as we build memories for ourselves, and for Oliver. 

Here is a little clip of Ollie laughing, since no one can get enough of a child’s laughter. :) He is quite ticklish. ;)


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  1. Chris says:

    Great post, honey! He’s a crazy little goofer.  Fun to watch him crawl around now, though. :) Might need to get some sort of cover for the AV equipment downstairs, the constant power on / off might get on our nerves. 

    • mandiemoon says:

      Thanks babe! :) He is quite the good! ;) He crawled into the bathroom today while I was in the kitchen, so it looks like we need to get the gates up asap. I predict he is going to be trouble. ;)

    • elle says:

      I can’t believe a year is approaching for little Ollie, too! It sounded so cliche from others, but when you’re in it, it’s like holy crap! It’s too fast! :) Really love how he is starting to crawl, and that he has the Ysebert bendy-ness :) I love my little soft-faced Ollie! I could just hold that little man all day :)

      Love you all!

      Elle xoxo

      • mandiemoon says:

        Ya, it’s totally crazy! :) He sure does have that creepy bendy-ness, though I think he takes it to a whole-notha-level. ;) He can bend his thumbs all the way back now too. Bah! Just like you, creeeepy! 

        Love you too!!

  2. Nancy Gallant-Turner says:

    Awesome post Maggie, Ollie you are the cutest baby on earth. Meme loves you very much. You are so animated and a joy to watch. Mommy and Daddy love you more and more every day. You are a very lucky little man dude. xxxxoooo 

  3. Andrea says:

    Oh, that moment where he was so intensely studying you.. that touched my heart :) It’s amazing to peek into your world every so often, and see the leaps and bounds Ollie’s taken – truly becoming a little man! Adorable. Love and miss you guys bunches :) xo

    • mandiemoon says:

      :D It’s crazy how much he’s changed even since your wedding. :) I’m glad you guys can get glimpses of his babyhood even from far away, especially because it’s over before you know it! We can’t wait to see you both!! Soon!! Love you! xo

  4. Annie says:

    Whenever I read a new post on your site I end up getting a little tear in my eye! So sweet. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year… for either of us. Good for you for keeping up your blog! ;)

    • mandiemoon says:

      Aw! Thanks Annie! :) I’m sure a lot of things I talk about, you have experienced with your own little guy. It’s so crazy that they are going to be a year, like, where did the time go? Well, we both survived, and it looks like our little men are doing pretty good, so yay us! ;) I hope in the new year we can get together again with the little dudes! :D

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