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2011 November

Tree Trimming with Ollie

Ollie and the Tree

Last night we decided to dig out the Christmas Tree and the decorations as we just couldn’t wait for the snow any longer. We put on Christmas music, turned on the fire place and made some hot cocoa, and then set off to turn our house into a winter wonderland.  As soon as we got… read more »

Eek! One More Month Until Ollie is 1!

Waiting for Snow

Oh-my-goodness. Stop the clocks. Slow down time. Push pause on the remote, or at least play things in slow motion. My baby is almost 1. In exactly one month, our little, itty-bitty Ollie will become a little man, moving further and further away from babyhood. Wah!!! I can’t believe how sad I actually feel. Of course I… read more »

Ollie’s Song

Cat Hat

Tonight the amazing Canadian Band ‘Hey Rosetta!’ was in town, and though we had tickets to the concert, I decided to stay in as I just needed to curl up by the fire and relax with Oliver. Chris went out on his own, but found out some friends were going, so all is well. :)… read more »

Ollie is 10 Months Old!


Ollie’s 10th month was a bit of a challenge for all of us, as it was the first encounter with a winter cold, and I don’t think we were expecting it or ready for it. We had noticed Ollie was sniffling a little bit in the mornings, but didn’t think much about it, as he… read more »