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9 Months Old- Very Late Post

9 Months Old- Very Late Post

 Sorry this post is so late. I’ve discovered that as Ollie gets older, my personal time gets shorter and shorter, as he is becoming a very busy little boy. 

Where to begin? Hmmm… Well, we just celebrated Ollie’s first Thanksgiving during the warmest October weekend I can remember. It was so warm, that eating turkey dinner felt just a little odd. It almost felt like we should have been out bbq-ing burgers instead. Our weekend started off with us going on a wild goose chase to find an apple orchard that let you pick your own apples, as I really wanted to get some photos of Ollie outdoors in the fall. We drove all the way to Rock Glen (previously known as Little Apple), only to discover there were no ‘u-pick’ orchards. Boo! So, we drove all the way back home, to an orchard that was pretty darn close to our house. Thankfully the weather was perfect for a drive in the country, so Chris doesn’t hold the 2 hour drive against me. 

Ollie seemed to enjoy picking apples. He liked sitting on the ground, playing with the grass and watching the leaves in the trees over his head. He even helped Daddy pick the best apples. We ended up picking Ida Red, Mutsu, Northern Spys, and Empire apples. I’m baking some in the oven to mash up for Ollie’s desserts, and hoping to make some sort of apple crisp for Chris. I just love the smell of apples, it really does smell like fall (even when it feels like summer). 

Ollie was a lucky boy and was able to celebrate 2 Thanksgiving Dinners! He was in a pretty good mood and socialized with everyone. He even sat at the table with everyone and ate real pieces of turkey, and mashed up veggies from the dinner table (before we added salt, butter, or brown sugar). He loved the turkey, and gobbled (ha!) it down like a champ! Even without any teeth, he can mash up food like the best of them. ;) 


Since he’s started meats (so far just chicken and turkey), he has started having the smelliest toots and poops. Goodness gracious, they are horrid! On the bright side, we never have to question or check to see if he’s gone number 2. We just do a quick sniff test. We have bought a few cloth diapers that we’ve barely broken in, as I’ve put them on hold while we are dealing with this runny situation, but they were fun to play with. I’m liking the idea behind the Flip diapers, as the covers are reusable (just wipe out and put in a new insert), but we haven’t done any serious testing with them yet. My fellow blog buddy has just started sewing and selling her cloth diapers on Etsy, and they are adorable! I will have to pick up some for Ollie. She finds the most adorable and occasionally daring fabrics (topless cops?) and I love how unique they are. You can check out her shop here: Dick&Jane

Another reason for such foul diaper deposits, may be the fact that Ollie is officially teething. We can see his little toofers starting to poke through in a few places. It looks like he may be getting in a couple at the same time. As of right now, his top and lower center teeth are starting to show, and his canines seem to be a bit swollen too. Poor little drool machine! They have been bothering him, as we’ve had a couple nights of absolutely no sleep with Ollie just crying away with his rosy cheeks burning. The only way I could soothe him to sleep was to rock him while letting him gnaw on my fingers. I walked into the wall a few times through the night that week.  Since then, he has been a lot better. He just chews on everything that can fit in his mouth, including both hands at the same time, his blanket, spoons and his linking rings. He has been pretty calm, even talkative lately, though he does spend a lot of his day whining and complaining, but who could blame him?

Ollie also has developed an interesting habit. Picking his nose, and then putting his finger in his mouth to rub his gums. I don’t know if he’s discovered a cure for teething pain that involves boogers, but it is so gross (yet hilarious and dare I say, cute?). It’s always his little pointer finger, which we notice he is quite fond of using for everything he does. He loves using it when he’s poking things he’s uncertain about, to push buttons gingerly on his toys, and to point it at you when he’s talking… I think he’s going to be a bit bossy when he’s older. :)

Ollie has started to move around the house, but not in a very practical way. Currently our little man is pushing himself backwards when he wants to get somewhere, and often ends up stuck in a corner of the room. The other day, I looked down at my laptop for a maximum of 2 minutes, only to find Ollie had gotten off of his playmat and had made his way over to the dog. When he wants to go forward, he goes into his superman position, arms out ahead of him, legs out behind him, and just cries until we pick him up. Sometimes we can see he’s trying to work out how to propel forwards. He will lay on his tummy and then hump the ground, over and over. Poor thing cannot figure out how to use those legs of his, but at least he’s starting to understand that he needs to get his butt up in the air. :) Ollie can go from sitting to laying down on his tummy, and then back to sitting. Sometimes while sitting, he’ll put his arms infront of him with his hands on the floor for support, and rotate his legs all the way around until they are behind him and he’s on his tummy. That is very creepy and exorcist like. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be in Cirque Du Soleil. He is always moving, and sometimes it can get scary. When we change him on his change table (which he now suddenly hates), he rolls over and over and over, and it’s hard to control him and keep him from rolling off. Thankfully I prep my station before I change him, so I always have everything I need, and never need to leave him unattended. Oliver is constantly flipping himself around in his crib, going from one end of the crib to the other, so I had to take out the extra blanket and stuffies I had sitting nicely at the foot of his bed. The first time I caught him on the other side of the crib, he had his cabbage patch doll on top of him and a blanket stuffed in his mouth. What a goof! 

This is a clip of Ollie rolling oddly around on our bed in order to get his rice rusk snack. Silly monkey!

Oliver has started making lots of sounds from farting sounds, to smooches, to hissing and lots of gurgling as he has lots of excess drool. He loves shrieking now, and is starting to mimic us when we make a sound. He thinks it is hilarious when he yells loudly and we jump in surprise. He still says “Dada” a lot, but we’ve been noticing that he’s been saying “Mum” a bit lately (usually when he’s hungry or complaining), so I’m starting to feel like I have a chance in the first word contest.

Our little goose has started to wave (when he feels like it), and tends to favor waving at his own reflection. We recently went shopping and Daddy wore Ollie in our Beco carrier with Ollie facing out. He absolutely loves facing out, and dances around excitedly as we walk around, with his legs and arms flailing all over the place. One of the stores we went to was a home decorating store, full of mirrors, so you can imagine how much practice Ollie had at waving. ;) 

 We recently started giving Ollie baths in the big boy tub, and he couldn’t be happier. I think he must have been a fish in a previous life. :) We waited on putting him in our tub because it’s a very small bathroom, and it’s hard to maneuver in that tight space as the toilet blocks half of the tub. I was scared to put him in there in case of an accident, as I know how difficult it would be to get to him, but now that he’s sitting so well on his own, I’m not as fearful, though I will never leave him, even  for a split second.

Ollie dances in the tub, splashes and shrieks and grins the biggest grin I’ve ever seen. I would let him stay in the tub all day if I could, as I think it’s when he is his happiest. :) Maybe he’ll be into swimming next summer!

Our guppy loves playing with water in general. He is so happy when I put him in his high chair and give him a cup of water to play with. He will put his whole hand in the cup to “grab” the water and ends up spilling it everywhere. He will then smack it around his tray, getting water all over me. He is doing very well with drinking water from not only his sippy cups, but from regular cups too! The other day he picked up his own sippy cup and drank from it all by himself. I totally started to cry. My baby is growing up too fast!

I’ve been growing too, as a new Mum. I find that though I have less time, I am starting to figure out how to manage/schedule my life a little better, getting into the routine of things and am becoming a bit of a multi-tasker. Besides caring for Ollie, I am going to the gym in the mornings (thanks Daddy for watching Ollie!), cleaning, prepping and cooking meals and am now having a blast making and freezing food for Ollie. I bought a cute little food processor, and have been experimenting with foods for Ollie. I’ve made baked apples, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, potatoes, cauliflower, pears and peaches. His favourite have been the squash and the apples. The meals are great to eat on their own, or even to blend with jarred baby food. It is awesome for helping Ollie get used to chunkier food, and I feel like I am providing him with wholesome foods in which I can control the quality and ingredients. There are days when I could fall down, I am that exhausted. I sometimes get a little anxious when I take on too much in a day, and I need to learn to step back and just focus on a few things at a time. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon enough, as this whole process is a learning process. 

Neko, our female cat, seems to be trying hard to be a good Mama to Ollie too. She is constantly bringing him “mice” (socks-clean and dirty) throughout the night, meowing loudly as she drops her “prey” off in front of his bedroom door. It is so loud and annoying, as we are terrified she’ll wake him up, but it is so cute how she’s trying to feed Oliver. In the morning, we usually find a huge pile of socks waiting by his door. Silly cat!

Oliver has become quite the man’s man. He loves hanging out with Daddy and the boys, and gets pretty comfortable. It’s cute to see him surrounded by all these adult guys, sitting in his pj’s on the couch, watching them play video games or make their fantasy hockey teams during their draft night. He’s just one of the guys. It’s so nice to see him social, talking and playing happily around other people besides just Chris and I. He is finally starting to grow a little more confident. 

The little man’s favourite toys are: any ball that he can roll or smack into the ground repeatedly, his massager that he picked out at the store (he likes the vibrations on his gums…hahaha!), his Fisher Price stacking rings (classic!). He loves those rings even more when he claps them together, or when you pretend they are hats and act surprised when they slip off your head. He especially loves it when you stack them on the cat’s head. He also still loves his blankies and he now loves his exersaucer! We put him in it the other day, and he just bops around it in now! That is great to see, as he still hates standing up, so hopefully this will get him motivated. 

Here is a clip of Ollie playing in his exersaucer.


Chris has discovered that Ollie love playing in his makeshift forts. Chris stacks the couch pillows up around the couch, and puts Ollie’s blanket over top, with Ollie sitting in his little cave. Chris then crawls around the fort, and peeks in, causing Ollie to bounce around and squeal with delight. It’s adorable watching Ollie scoot on his bum closer and closer to the entrance of the fort, so he can peek his head out and around to find his Daddy. 

His favourite shows (though we don’t watch much TV anymore) are 4 Square and Roll Play. He usually perks up when he hears any theme songs and does his excited dance, where his hands, fingers and toes start moving around excitedly.

Oliver’s current nicknames are: Ollie, Bollie, Taco Beef, Goose, Monkey, Bollywood, Bucko, Aw-ver, Lollypop, O-Dawg, Bellisio Del Taco, and Littlest Pooper.

His favourite foods are peas, squash, apples and apricots, and rice rusks.

He dislikes Momma’s mashed potatoes mixed with applesauce (gag face), and when his truck falls on it’s side and he can’t get it back up on it’s wheels. He also shows a strong burst of anger when he doesn’t get what he wants EXACTLY when he wants it. He can be playing happily, when all of a sudden he is so angry and frustrated because he has decided that he is starving. I can tell he has my temper, so we will have to watch out for that. Hopefully he will develop his Daddy’s calm patience, or at least blend out the two and end up neutral. ;) 

Watching him all day brings me so much joy. I may be tired, rumpled looking, and have socks hanging on my back due to static cling, but I couldn’t wish for a better life. I feel so blessed to be Oliver’s Mum, so humbled to be loved so unconditionally and so honored to be depended on and needed. I feel like I have finally found my place in the world, and though we are all still stumbling along and learning, I know that our love will see us through. 



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  1. I love Ollie’s little fort! Look at him doing the splits! So crazy! Really love the old pics too. You’re super talented! He is growing up so fast and has quite the cute little personality! You also look really great, Amanda!

    Love you little Ollie man!

    Auntie Elle :)

    • mandiemoon says:

      Ya, he’s definitely inherited the crazy Ysebert bendy-ness. :) Aw, I’m glad you like the photos. They are so fun for me to do. It’s probably my number one hobby. :) I can’t believe how fast both babies are growing up! Even though they are as different as night and day, I think they will be good buddies. 

      Love ya!

  2. Nancy Gallant-Turner says:

    Wow!! Ollie Man you sure are growing up to be the most handsome boy ever. I love all your looks, but I think my favorite is the diaper head. It just goes to prove you look great in anything. I love how Mommy is keeping your blog updated as it will be such a memory for you, and for mommy and daddy as they get older. I love you Meme’s little man dude. xxxxoooo

    • mandiemoon says:

      Haha, he likes putting everything on his head, and finds it very funny. Yesterday he was putting a fabric box on his head and laughing hysterically. :) 

      Love you Momma!

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