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Anniversary Vacation…errr…Trip.

Anniversary Vacation…errr…Trip.

Some of you faithful readers will recall that a year ago, Chris and I went on the most magical trip to Blue Mountain for our wedding anniversary. We totally fell in love with the whole vibe there, and decided that would be our anniversary destination, like how we usually go to Niagara-on-the-Lake for our dating anniversary. This year, we packed everything up, dropped Sawyer off at a friend’s and added one new thing to our trip, Oliver. Last year, he was just a bump that I carried around with ease, this year, it was a whole new story. 

Our last anniversary was all about romance and celebrating us. We could be selfish and do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. We went out for a fancy dinner, stayed up late and slept in the next morning, we shopped, and just relaxed. It was all about us. This time around, the trip was not really just about us, it was about our little family, and we had to really plan every move, as babies make outings a bit more difficult. While we were still feeling the love, in the back of our minds we were still thinking about upcoming feeding sessions, dirty diapers, nap time and worried about the possibility of a temper tantrum. 

Ollie was amazing on our trip though, he slept the whole way there, and the whole way back (which has never happened before), and remained in good spirits the whole time, until it was time for bed. The evening was the only moment that I felt a little stressed out, as Ollie did not want to let go and sleep. When he finally did fall asleep, he only woke up twice in the night, but after a comfort feeding, he fell right back asleep. Ollie was even behaved during our pottery adventure, which we wanted to do last year, but didn’t have time for. We had such a fun time! When we went out for lunch, Oliver even flirted with our waitress, bouncing around with a smile on his face, waving his arms and kicking his legs every time she came by. He totally charmed the whole restaurant with his intense stare and straight line smirk. 

In a way, having Ollie there really put everything in perspective. We could see how our lives had changed, and despite all the new challenges, we actually welcome the change. It is so eye opening to live your life for someone else, not just based on your own wants and desires. It really makes you feel like a complete person. 

I can definitely look back at all of our romantic getaways now, and really cherish them. I do look forward to having a weekend here and there just with Chris, and when that time comes, I know I will appreciate it even more. And even then, I know in the back of my head and in my heart, little Ollie will be there, as you can never truly let go completely.

I also am excited for future family trips and adventures, and cannot wait to show everything we love to our little man for the first time, and even better, discover the things he loves and wants to share with us! I can’t wait to teach him how to swim in the salty ocean, to “discover” dinosaur bones with him at the museum, to ride the Jokey’s Jalopies at Canada’s Wonderland, to visit Santa at Santa’s Village, and now how to paint pottery at Blue Mountain. (He did a pretty bang-up job on Daddy’s coffee mug) ;)

Our lives have completely changed in a year, but only for the better. 

I am reading a book right now, that truly expresses how I feel as a new mom. Here are a couple excerpts from Rebecca Eckler’s ‘Toddlers Gone Wild’.

On Trips:

“There’s a big difference between a trip and a vacation. Vacations are fun and relaxing. A vacation includes being able to read a few books without any interruptions except from the cabana boy who asks if you’d like a cold towel. You know you are on vacation when you think to yourself, “Should I just lie here on the beach or go to my hotel room and take a nap?” You take photos of the sunset on vacation. You drink a lot of wine and sleep in on vacation. You may not want to come home when you’re on vacation. Ever.”

“Trips on the other hand, are what you take once you have children. Trips are piling into a car, or taking two entire days to pack for a three-day long weekend, or getting up twelve hours ahead of time to get to the airport so you don’t miss your flight. Trips usually involve water slides, and waking up at 5:30 am, and eating at “child-friendly” restaurants and reapplying sunblock every five minutes. You know you are on a trip because you end up asking yourself, “Why did I ever think this would be a good idea?” Trips are when you yell at your child, “Smile! Smile goddammit for the camera, so we have some memories of this!”"

“How will you know for sure if you’ve been on a trip? Easy. You’ll feel like you need a vacation when you get home.”

I’d also like to include this excerpt for my husband, on this very special anniversary. The first anniversary we get to share with Ollie, the little lovebug in our lives. (I changed a few words to make it more personal)

I Keep Falling In Love:

“I fell in love with my hubby all over again after we had a child. Sure, there are still moments when I want to wring his neck. And to be fair, I’m sure there are a million times more moments when he wants to wring mine. We have problems like anyone else in a relationship. However, there is something about seeing the father of your child with your child that makes him more attractive. When I watch him reading a book to our son, I just want to jump his bones. (Mentally, that is. Physically, I just want to sleep.)

I actually get tears in my eyes when I hear him making our son laugh. My heart smiles when I see him reading him a book. I love when he makes him giggle. I love when he puts our baby on his shoulders and I walk beside them. I like to spy on the two of them when he puts him to bed. I like seeing them lie together. I like seeing my baby put his head on the hubby’s chest and snuggle. 

I loved him as a person.

I love him even more as a father.”


Happy Anniversary Honey!



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