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8 Months!

8 Months!

Ollie is 8 months old and though he’s getting older, I’ve been noticing that he doesn’t seem to be growing as much as he did at the beginning. I was making an appointment with our doctor anyways, as Ollie’s eczema had made a comeback and we were also concerned about him being allergic to some foods we were feeding him, so I thought we should find out what was going on with our little man’s body.


It turns out I was right about Ollie’s growth. Ollie weighed in at 17lbs 9 1/2 ounces, and was still growing in length, but he wasn’t putting on much weight. The doctor said it was nothing to worry about yet, but he did drop a lot in the percentile categories. For his eczema, we were given a prescription for some mild steroid cream to use sparingly and an anti-itch medication that we can give him when it’s time for him to sleep, but he can’t because he’s going wild trying to scratch himself. It has a sedative in it, so we are only going to use it in extreme circumstances. We then showed the doctor some photos I had taken of Ollie after eating rice and oat cereal mixed with formula or water. Oliver almost looked like a clown in the photos, as the red rash all around his mouth were reminiscent of a sad clown’s frown. She confirmed that he was allergic to cow’s milk, and that we should use soy milk, or if that doesn’t go over well, goat’s milk. She also cautioned us to be careful with other common allergy causing foods, like citrus, wheat, strawberries, chocolate and such. She said we should introduce foods very slowly to him (which we have been doing), so hopefully we’ll be okay with everything else, and I really do hope he’ll grow out of both his allergy to milk, and his eczema.

Ollie does love food though, and will eat almost anything we put infront (or near) of him. He reaches for food all the time, and seems to know it goes in his mouth. He really wanted my ice cream cone the other day, poor little man. I’m going to have to get him some soy ice cream. ;) His favourite veggies are peas and carrots, and his favourite fruits are peaches and apricots. I’ve been mashing up bananas on his tray, to encourage him to feed himself, and at first he’d tentatively poke the food with his pointer finger, scrunching up his face in disgust. Now, he smashes it with his open hands, sending it flying around the room. He digs at it with his spoon, and even puts his spoon in his mouth, all by himself! He also loves playing with spilled water on his tray too, splashing it everywhere, quietly at first, then as time passes, he lets out a little shriek here and there. :) It is very messy, but cute, and it’s nice to see him letting go once and awhile.

With all these solid foods he’s eating, he has had quite the change in the poop department. His poops have gone from the runny yellow, sweet smelling poops, to firm green, brown or orange turds that pack quite the stench! Peeee-ew! Daddy isn’t much of a fan of diaper changes anymore. ;)

Our little monkey has been going through some sleep changes lately, and it isn’t for the better. While he naps well when he’s home, he remains firm in his belief that naps outside the house are forbidden, and so he fights off sleep with every ounce of his being. This makes our darling boy a bit grouchy, and makes outings difficult, or at least stressful, as I can anticipate a difficult evening ahead. I don’t know what his deal is. Perhaps he just likes his own bed? Maybe he isn’t comfortable? Or maybe he is just curious and a tad bit nosey and needs to witness everything that is going on, and closing his eyes, even for a second, could result in him missing something. I hope that one day, he’ll be able to just lay back in his stroller, or in his playpen and just let those “Zzzz’s” come over him. *Fingers crossed*.

Another issue we’ve had with sleep and nap time, is Ollie’s sudden obsession with rolling onto his tummy while he’s sleeping. He’ll be sleeping peacefully (supposedly), when suddenly he’s screeching like he’s being tortured. We race to his room, expecting to see him in intense pain, only to find him on his stomach, though sometimes his legs are stuck between the railings on the crib. I’m not sure why he’s doing this, but it happened all of a sudden, and now it is a regular occurrence. I’m glad to see he’s wanting to move around, but I’m not sure why he finds it so horrible. I wonder if he’s been so restless because he’s getting to a new stage in development and crawling is just around the corner. They say babies start sleeping less when they are about to do something new, like crawl, walk or talk. So I guess we’ll just see.

We had a very busy month, with three weddings (I was in two, Daddy and Ollie were in one), a bachelorette party in Collingwood and Ollie’s cousin Edie’s first birthday!

The bachelorette party in Collingwood was a bit of a challenge, as it is quite a bit of a drive, and since I’m still nursing and can’t pump, Ollie and Chris had to come along. We originally planned to go down Friday, so I could go out for dinner with the bride and the girls at Blue Mountain (my fave!), but the day became a disaster, filled with tears and me pulling out my hair. We then decided to still go down that night, sleep at my Aunt’s house (thank you!), and then I’d meet up with the girls for brunch and gift opening. The drive wasn’t too bad, but since we wanted to make good time, I decided that instead of pulling over to nurse him, I’d just sit beside his car seat and kind of… lean over him. Well, now I finally am thankful for my generously sized “girls”. Plus, it was still totally legal, because I had my seat belt on. Boo-ya! ;) After a difficult sleep (Ollie wouldn’t fall asleep and I broke the bed…twice), I headed over for breakfast. The girls had made an awesome breakfast, and all of them had enjoyed their night out. Then we had gift opening, which was scandalous, but fun, and then Daddy and Ollie came to pick me up. The bride and Ollie get along fabulously, so it was nice to see him laugh, despite being super tired. We decided to visit Blue Mountain before we headed home, as it is so special to me, and I was even able to visit the Hatley store to get Ollie some new pj’s. It was a fun, but uber tiring trip, though I am so glad I was able to make it out, as the bride is a very special friend to me. I’m also glad we were able to visit with my relatives in Wasaga Beach too, as we don’t see them nearly enough.

Here is a little video of Ollie getting ready to go to a wedding.

Edie’s birthday was a lot of fun too, as now that she can crawl, she just tears around like her butt is on fire! :) She has stayed the happy little baby she always was, though she isn’t so little anymore. Her mom thinks she may have a bit of giant blood in her. ;) Ollie and Edie get along pretty well. Ollie is a bit timid around her, but he is very mesmerized by her. He loves watching her zoom by, and I’m sure her actions will one day influence Ollie to get his motor going. When she crawls by, he reaches out his hand to gently pet her back, and when they sit together, they both like touching each other’s faces. It is so cute to watch them interact.

While we were so excited to celebrate all these special occasions with everyone, we were also exhausted, and by the end, we just couldn’t wait to take a little break.

For our little ‘vacay’, we decided to do some house cleaning, little local day trips, blog re-creating (ta-da!), and a visit to the Toronto Zoo! Chris and I both love animals, and so exposing Ollie to the various creatures that also inhabit the earth, was very important to us. I really want to teach Oliver to respect every living thing, even seagulls (why parents let their kids chase seagulls while at the same time telling them not to tap on the glass of an animal enclosure boggles my mind). Oliver hadn’t slept the night before in the hotel (surprise!), so he was very sleepy when we arrived that morning at the zoo. We smiled at each other, mentally high-fiving each other at the prospect of having a nice zoo stroll with Ollie napping in his stroller. Ah, such a blissful thought. Even though we walked for over 6 hours, our little monkey refused to sleep. Thankfully, he was in a pretty chilled-out mood, and laid in his stroller, watching everything. Despite his watchful eye, nothing caught his attention until he saw the muddy elephant we named “Eloise”. He thought this elephant was pretty funny, and laughed each time it sprayed itself with muddy water. It was so neat watching him interact with Eloise, and it had to be the highlight of our trip. Ollie also liked the lone giraffe “Joffrey” and the butterflies. Another adorable moment was when one of the orangutan’s decided to grab his blanket and go for a nap. He put the blanket on top of his head, just like Ollie, and I could totally see the resemblance. *wink* As we left the zoo, and walked through the parking lot, I looked down at Ollie and noticed his eyes were getting heavy. As soon as we got to the car, those heavy eyelids were closed and Ollie was asleep. What crazy timing.

Here is a video of Ollie watching Eloise the Elephant.


 After the zoo, we headed to the Rainforest Cafe and sat beside the elephants. Even though we had been warned that the elephants “went off” every 15 minutes, I still jumped each time, as they were so loud. Ollie would look startled, but then stare at them intensely, with a look of distrust and concern. We couldn’t help but laugh at our serious little man’s reactions.

Here we are hanging out with the elephants at the Rainforest Cafe.

Ollie’s love for all things technology continues to grow, much to his father’s approval. He loves our iPhones, and my iPad. He has many apps on there, from baby stories that are interactive, to the whole screen turning into a xylophone that he can play. He will play with that app for a long time, hitting all the keys and sometimes (annoyingly) holding down one for minutes on end. I have to watch him though, as one time I caught him just after he got out of the program and tweeted a message with my twitter account. He has been close to deleting many things as well, so while it’s adorable, it is also a little dangerous, as who knows what he’ll get into next. :)



Oliver is such a little goose. He never ceases to amaze or delight us with his new talents or interests. Lately he’s been pursing his lips tightly together while making spitting sounds. He often whispers when he decides to talk, and is a fan of making “da” and “ha” sounds. He loves his blanket. He loves covering his face with it when he’s sleepy, sucks on it throughout the day and finds it hilarious to wear it on his head. He studies people’s faces by touching them gingerly, almost like he’s trying to read braille. When he smiles, he tries to hide it and puckers his lips like Zoolander. Sometimes his smiles look like a straight line, and then he looks like the Canadians on South Park. He rolls on his change table every single time so he can grab the lampshade (very hard to change a poopy diaper this way), likes drinking water from one sippy cup (picky little dude), and riding on Daddy’s shoulders.

Here is a clip of him making sounds with his puckered lips.

Here is a cute little clip of him saying “Dada”.

We’ve started a bedtime routine where we go for a family walk with Sawyer, or make a trip to the dog park. Ollie seems to like our little evening adventures and I find it nice to have a “cool down” period in our day. It’s the perfect time for us all to reconnect and talk about our day, future plans and dreams for down-the-road. Reflecting on all the good things in our lives adds a wonderful happiness to the end of each day and gives my mind and heart a little peace. At night, when we lay down, I feel a bit more rested and ready for the next adventure that is waiting, just around the corner. Or in our case, across the hall.






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  1. Annie says:

    So friggen adorable, Amanda!! Seriously. You take the BEST pictures (and so does Chris). Also, you are totally not alone in the whole “baby refusing to sleep in his crib because he’d rather roll over onto his stomach and get stuck that way” thing…. I can’t count the number of time I have to go in Sylvan’s room and flip him over! We have intense little boys I think. They are similar in a lot of ways. I LOVE your website… you are a talented lady! I need some o’ that talent over here… my blog is seriously lacking in the design department :) Okay, I’m going to go watch your videos now.

    • mandiemoon says:

      Thanks Annie! :D I am addicted to taking photos, and now Ollie is having to handle my paparazzi ways. ;) I’m so glad that our boys are the same age and going through many similar situations. It’s great to know that these things are normal, and that other people out there are dealing with the same behaviors. I’m so glad you like the site! It still needs some fine tuning here and there (videos are embedded wrong, and I need to fix them up), but I’m liking the change. Dude, you have tons of talent with your creative diapers, I’m sure that will spill out into your blog! (Plus, I used my hubby for some help…you should recruit yours..) ;) 

  2. Manda!

    I am really loving this layout! You’ve done a wicked job. Ollie is growing up so fast and like Annie said you do take the most amazing photos ever! I love the pic of him on the floor with Daddy’s phone! So crazy how they can play with the ipads and such already! I basically love all the photos.

    Hope all is well and yes, Happy Anniversary! xoxoxo

    Elle :)

    • mandiemoon says:

      Aw, thanks MIchelle! :D It’s so odd to see how interested babies are in our gadgets. They are going to be an interesting generation, that’s for sure!

      Love you too!!

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