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Our Little Ollie is 3 Months!

Our Little Ollie is 3 Months!

After a few cold months, the sun is starting to come out, bringing the promise of spring. Time is passing so quickly it seems, and that directly applies to our little Oliver. He has changed so much in such a short period of time, and he’s now already 3 months old!

Oliver has more than doubled his original birth weight and is starting to resemble a little man more than a little baby to me now, and that makes me a little sad. I can no longer hold him in one arm and he usually isn’t as willing to just be held and cuddled unless he’s really sleepy. He is growing stronger and stronger each day, and I can see a streak of independence in him already. Watching him kick his arms and legs, wriggle on his tummy and throw his weight around when you hold him, shows how much he just wants to go off and explore the world around him.

He does have a bit of a temper, which is usually seen when he’s bored or isn’t getting what he wants fast enough. The other day he got so frustrated, that he grabbed the collar of my shirt in one hand and almost growled as he shook with impatience. If he had teeth, they would have been clenched. Thankfully, he’s small enough that it’s kind of adorable. He flies into rages out of nowhere, with little to no warning. It can be because you turned off his favourite show…and you might not think he knows what TV is, but if you could see him, you’d know that he becomes very focused on the television when it’s on, even to the point that he strains his neck to be able to see it if it’s behind him.

Ollie had his first set of vaccinations last month which was a very difficult thing to have to watch. It’s hard to take your little baby that you protect with your whole soul, to get a needle, which you know isn’t a fun experience at all. He didn’t cry after the first one, but the second needle brought out the tears. He then spent the rest of the day upset with a fever. It was really hard to see him in pain and not being able to do much about it. He did get his first dose of infant Tylenol, and I think it did help a little. We are not looking forward to his next shot. :(

Oliver has been all over the map with his sleeping and eating routine. One week he eats 20 minutes per feed and doesn’t nap at all, the next week he’s eating for only 8-10 minutes per feed and napping through the day! He keeps switching almost week to week, and I have to wonder if he’s going through a growth spurt or something. It’s interesting watching him eat now, because he can act so strangely. Sometimes, he rhythmically punches my boob while eating, and other times he tries pulling off with my breast in tow! Ouch! It’s like he decides he doesn’t want to eat, but he can’t let go! I don’t know if he’s bored, if he’s distracted, if he’s full, or if he’s getting enough food! I would think he’s eating enough, as he’s growing so well, but who knows! He can sure act crazy! :) I’ve also been getting practice feeding him in public, which has been interesting. I’ve fed him twice at the mall so far, fed him in the car, at a party and in-front of family. I use a cover, so it’s not like I’m showing myself off to the world, but society still makes you feel insecure about doing it. Once you take the plunge and just do it, it makes it easier for the next time. I think it’s sad how nervous I feel doing it when it’s so natural to feed your child this way, but I know the more I put myself in different situations, the more I grow. I plan on sticking to this path as long as I can, and if a side effect of feeding my child leads me to feel more confident about myself, then so be it! ;)

He has become quite a vocal baby, often talking to himself loudly in the middle of the night, keeping poor Mommy up. He yells when he’s angry instead of resorting to crying, he laughs so adorably when he’s being tickled or having his toes “eaten” and he coos softly when is talking to pictures on the wall or to himself in the dark. He often chatters away while Mommy and Daddy are lying with him in bed or watching him on the change table. It is the cutest sound in the world, which is why I’m crazy and follow him around and record him all day. :) When I play back the recording, he just perks up as soon as he hears his voice. He’s going to be like his mother. ;) He has also discovered the sound of gurgling and loves making little raspberries, which is too cute! He thinks it is hilarious when we do them, which makes him laugh, and even giggle.

Here is a little video of him talking and playing with his linking rings.

Ollie has really discovered his hands lately and is grabbing and touching everything. When we were reading a ‘Touch and Feel” book, he kept grabbing the furry parts of the page. I fear for my pets. ;) He really notices his hands and concentrates and stares at them while they grab things. He is also finally sucking his thumb, not just his whole fist! He is starting to want to sit up rather then lean back, and will pull himself up using his tummy and neck muscles. He obviously wants to see and be involved in everything! He even gets to sit in his Bumbo chair and does really well holding his head up.

We took Oliver out for dinner in a restaurant for the first time and it went better then expected. He wasn’t a happy camper when we got there, but after sneaking back out to the car for a quick feed, he calmed down and even fell asleep. It will be awhile until I feel confident bringing him to nice restaurants, but as long as it’s a family eatery, I think we’re okay! :)

Ollie had his first photoshoot with Yvonne, and it went so well! We’ve seen the previews of his photos, and are just waiting for the call to go and pick them up. My mom and I went shopping to get him some cute outfits, and he didn’t even end up wearing them, though he did wear the cute hats we bought him! He was just too cute in the buff! ;) He started off being a little confused and grouchy as he didn’t know what was going on, but he really warmed up throughout the session and ended up talking Yvonne’s ear off. He loved being naked lying by the window and during his tummy time photos, he held his head up so well that even Yvonne commented on his strength! He was such a well behaved baby, and didn’t pee on anything! ;) Here are some samples of his photo session!


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  1. amathesonallen says:

    Our little guys should hang out soon! (Meaning our babies, not our husbands… lol) Oliver is so adorable and has such a cute smile!

  2. Elle says:

    I read this yesterday and got off-track and didn't comment! I love his little voice and all of his facial expressions! What a cutie! Yvonne did such beautiful pictures of you and the family!

    I also love Sawyer's face in that one with Ollie! It's funny reading about his crazy temper as if he wanted to strangle you for not having his food ready or whatever he needs on time.

    I know how you feel about feeding. I was totally ok about it but it was the people around me that made it weird so I just went to other places, not to mention I was spraying Edie in the face – always!

    You're doing a wonderful job, and I love you!

    Can't believe the little guy is 3 months! Insane!

    See you soon!

    Auntie Elle

  3. Karen says:

    Amanda..I can't believe how Ollie is changing. He looks like he is doing very well. So happy for you guys. The photos are awesome!!!Especially liked the video and the picture with the Bumble Bee..Priceless!!!! Keep up the blog…love looking at it xoxox

    Love Karen

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