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Muppet’s Nursery is Almost Complete!

Muppet’s Nursery is Almost Complete!

Well, the nursery is pretty much finished!! Yay! There are a few touch-ups we need to do with paint, have some floating corner shelves we want to put up, need to put in the transition flooring piece between the nursery and the hallway and we still need to hang curtains in the window and for the closet, but otherwise, it’s all good baby! ;)

I just wanted to thank my dad for all his help in completing this time sensitive challenge. We truly could not have had such a wonderful nursery without him. He did an amazing job on building our built-in closet unit! I want one in all my closets now…*cough*. He also painted my little bench and matching wall cabinet I bought at a second hand store. They had been blue at one point, and from what I heard, they were nasty to deal with as the paint did not want to be removed. I think a few layers of skin from my father’s hands were lost during the paint stripping. Thank you so much dad! I am so proud of the work you did and cannot wait for Muppet to enjoy his/her room. It’s now the peaceful and organized place we dreamed of. :)

I’d also like to thank my mom and Chris’ mom and so many others for all their little trinkets they found for Muppet along this pregnancy to decorate the nursery. Every little item makes this room so much more special!  I instantly feel the love when I walk into that room. <3

Thank you everyone for putting up with my frantic nesting. Not having that nursery in order was driving me insane, because I knew that if the baby came before it was finished, I’d never get it done. So now I feel a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders (though, my belly is still quite heavy…) and I feel a little more stress free. Muppet, your room awaits! <3


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks beautiful Amanda..just in time for Dec 20th when your precious little girl comes into the world. What a welcome dream room for her ;)Best of luck…Karen (the original ;))

  2. Elle says:

    I'm crying it's so perfect! I love how you incorporated the classic pooh box in there. Love you so much!


  3. Annie says:

    Unbelievably gorgeous! Hope baby comes soon!

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