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Week 35, A Trip To Toronto!

Week 35, A Trip To Toronto!

Week 35 was a great week for getting things done! I like to think of it as, “NURSERY WEEK”, in which we got a lot of things accomplished for the baby’s room. One of the greatest gifts we’ve gotten so far is from my cousin in Toronto, who has two lovely boys who sadly have outgrown their crib. When she heard we were expecting, she quickly offered her beautiful crib and change table top to us, which are made of such great quality, we never could have afforded them on our own. Also, the fact that it was so well loved means so much to me as well.

We went to Toronto the other week to pick up the crib (thank goodness we bought a Sante Fe), as well as any other “donations” from my cousin and her hubby that they were so generously offering. It was a bit of a drive, but we were so excited to finally arrange a visit with them, that time flew by. When we got there and she saw my tummy, she exclaimed, “Oh no! You are having a girl!” I guess she felt because of how my tummy is all out front instead of spreading wide, it was a girl, and well, all the things she had were for little boys. I assured her that we really had no idea what it was, and even if it was a girl, we are planning on having more than one baby, and well, I am so not opposed to my little one wearing something blue. :) We finally got to hang out with her little ones, who are way too cute! One of them was actually sitting in the closet when we arrived and didn’t want to come out. It was so adorable. They really took to Chris, and kept him busy with games and toys while my cousin and I went through all the baby stuff. Later that night, we sat down to an amazing indian meal which was new to both of us. It was so yummy, and didn’t cause me to have any heartburn! :D It’s too bad that we are all so busy and live so far away from each other. We are just so thankful for all they have done for us, and cannot wait to go back and visit again, but this time with Muppet in tow.

The day before we went to Toronto, bright and early, my father and I went to go and check out a dresser I had seen on I was very concerned about matching the wood to the crib (which I could only vaguely remember since it’d been so long since I’d seen it).  I knew matching the wood would be difficult because the crib is such a natural, un-yellow colour, and most wood tends to take on a yellowish  tinge. Well, as soon as I saw the dresser I said, “You know, I think that is pretty darn close!” We picked it up (which was very difficult as it is huge and heavy and well, I’m pregnant and dad is a triple bypass survivor), but someone we got it onto the truck. After we brought the crib home and set it up, dad brought the dresser over in his truck and we held our breath to see how close the wood was. Would we have to paint the dresser? Buy a whole new one?…. Are you reading this in suspense right now?….

The colours matched PERFECTLY! I almost cried! We couldn’t believe how exact they were, until I opened one of the dresser drawers and took out a little booklet. It turns out that the dresser is actually from the same company and line as our crib! How crazy is that?! I should have bought a lottery ticket that day. Needless to say, I am over the moon with happiness right now and couldn’t be more pleased with how everything turned out. This nursery is quickly becoming my favourite room in the house, and all the pets agree with me too. Nobi sleeps on the change table, Neko sleeps in the crib and Sawyer sleeps on the decorative rug. It’s a comfy room, and I’m sure Muppet will love it! We obviously have things to finish up in it, but we are well on our way! :D

I think I’ve also started nesting a bit again, as I am constantly wanting to clean and organize our house, as well as prepare meals for the future when baby is here. I have been cooking up chili and pasta sauce, as well as making attempts at baking, which if any of you know me, know is an almost impossible feat. After some ruined cookies, a “meh” cake and a few other sweets, I was successful with a deliciously moist batch of chocolate chip banana muffins! They were amazing! Now if only I knew how I made them, because by that attempt, I gave up measuring ingredients properly… :) Oh well, the baby won’t be eating solids for a bit, so I have time to prefect my baking techniques. I’m also pretty sure I need one of those adorable KitchenAid mixers too… ;)

At 35 weeks, Muppet weighed as much as a honeydew melon, so at that point, I liked to picture Muppet as Dr. Bunsen Honeydew from The Muppet Show. :) Because of how big Muppet is, there isn’t much room for crazy acrobatics, so it’s mostly limited to shifting and stretching in my tummy. Apparently, my uterus is also now all the way up into my ribcage, which is crazy to think about, when you consider that it once was tucked up inside my pelvis. The things that your body can do, I tell you! :) I have noticed that my bladder is really getting touchy, as I have to pee all the time now, and any coughing or laughing fit can become a hazardous situation, sending me running to the bathroom, well, waddling anyways. Here is a photo of my tummy around 35 weeks pregnant. I think this photo explains why I have a bit of a swagger to my walk these days… ;)

My book choice this week is ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ by Oliver Jeffers, though I have to say that any book by Oliver Jeffers is worth a read and a look, as the illustrations are so awesome and the story’s are so unique! Basically, the book is about a young boy named Henry who loves books, but not the way most people love them. He loves to EAT them. He discovers that the more books he eats (math books, storybooks, dictionaries…it doesn’t matter), the smarter he becomes, and so he sets off to become the smartest person in the world. Eventually, his little tummy cannot digest all of the books he’s eaten, and so all of his acquired knowledge begins to become jumbled up and he starts making big mistakes. Henry realizes he must find a new way to become the smartest person in the world, but how? This book is super cute and clever, with the most textured and detailed illustrations for hip kids of all ages out there. If you like this book, make sure you check out the rest of his work, as they are all equally enjoyable!

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  1. Elle says:

    You look beautiful girl!

    I can't believe how perfect the woods match. Everything is looking so perfect for little Muppet!

    Your cousin is right that it's a little girl. It's so weird but I called it for Siri too. She had a baby girl today! Everyone thought she was having a boy. I don't know the name yet but we will soon find out :)

    You better tell Santa to get you a mixer! I saw someplace where they were on sale. It was a commercial. Maybe Sears? You will love it if you get one. Something about paddy-cakes and baking with B's :)

    I love the disclaimer on that book! Hehe :) We might have to trade books from time to time. Or, I can just sign some out from you since you are the chapters queen. :) You would be happy to know I read to Edie once a day. I try my best to at least. :)

    You are totally nesting. It's soooo soon for you, girl! I say within the next week. I think the 14th or 15th right? :)

    Love you sista!


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