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Frosting On My Nose and Cheeks, Eating Cupcakes At 32 Weeks!

Frosting On My Nose and Cheeks, Eating Cupcakes At 32 Weeks!

Last week, Chris treated me to a wonderful surprise! Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes! YUM! I cannot believe I have not had them before…but now that I have tried them, I don’t know if I can keep myself away! They are spectacular! The store is located in a little house that is tucked away, so it can be hard to find, but it sure is worth the look! As soon as you open the door, the delicious aroma of baking cupcakes waves over you, causing you to drool uncontrollably. The shop is decorated with adorable frilly aprons, cupcake related merchandise, and of course, a huge display of cupcakes. Everyday they feature at least 12 different varieties of cupcakes, and apparently, they have over 80 flavours on their menu that you can order from, with flavours ranging from your classic Red Velvet cake, to the currently off-limit flavour of Baileys Caramel Lindy Hop, which is a cake injected with a Bailey’s version of dulce de leche, and caramel frosting.

We decided on 4 flavours for our first taste. Chris got the Chocolate Cha-Cha and the Banana Jive (which smelled like banana bread). I got the Strawberry Samba and the Red Velvet Paso Doblo (mmmm, cream cheese frosting…). They were incredibly moist and so flavourful! I also loved how there was the perfect amount of frosting, and the fact that after eating the cupcakes, you weren’t overwhelmed with the urge to check your insulin levels. They are so light, that you almost could eat 2 in a sitting…almost.

At Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes, you can order full size cupcakes, petites (1/2 the size), cakes, and  wedding cakes. They all come so delectably decorated and you can tell they are made with love. They are baked fresh daily (even though they are truly just as moist the next day), and are the most scrumptious treat you’ll ever eat! Baby Muppet agrees, at least that’s how I interpreted the crazy belly dancing it was doing after I ate my cupcake. ;)

Last week we finally got to go to our first prenatal class, and it was a lot of fun! I was really impressed with how attentive Chris was, and well, he really surprised me when he actually agreed to try on the pregnancy empathy belly! It was so funny watching him carry around all that extra weight, while trying to pick things up that I “accidentally” dropped on the floor. The empathy belly consists of a velcro band that goes across the upper ribs where your lungs are, that constrict your breathing, as well as a huge weighted belly filled with warm water (so you can overheat), weights that dig into your sides (like a baby’s kicks), heavy boobs (because all men want to see what having breasts is like…haha), and a weight that pushes on your bladder (so they too can feel the urge to pee). I think it’s a great idea, and helps your partner understand how even the simplest tasks can become difficult when you are carrying around all that extra weight. I have to admit, my favourite moment in class was when one of the men had to lay down on the floor wearing the empathy stomach and try rolling over, as if he was in bed. There was a lot of grunting and groaning. :) Another thing we learned was how to create a focal point while in labour. We were instructed to close our eyes while listening to the sounds of the ocean waves crashing on the shore, while the instructor helped us focus on our breathing and visualizations. I may have laughed and peeked at people a bit, as we were all seated around a table and it wasn’t very private, but when I got home, I put on my own new age music and laid down in bed, doing my “yoga” breathing, and I admit, it was very relaxing. Next class is all about labour, so we’ll see how that goes!

Another fun thing this past week was celebrating my favourite holiday of all time, Hallowe’en! I had plans to wear a more elaborate costume for Hallowe’en, but by the end of the day, I was already so exhausted and feeling a nasty cold coming on, that I decided to go as a pumpkin, as I felt that was very suitable considering the size of my stomach. I borrowed my dog Sawyer’s costume from last year and went out with my husband who was dressed as the late Billy Mays. Despite the fact I had a kleenex up my nose the entire night, we had a lot of fun.

Chris (Billy), was being bombarded with people asking him to help them out with stains, due to many accidents with a batch of cupcakes that had a lot of food colouring in them, but sadly, he wasn’t actually carrying around a bottle of OxiClean… It was actually a bottle of Fantastic covered with a homemade label on top. Too bad, as by the end of the night, Chris was covered in frosting himself. :) It was a great night, though Muppet was tired by the end of it, and probably confused as to why I was still up at 3 in the morning.

Sawyer dressed up as a horse being ridden by the Headless Horseman this Hallowe’en, a tribute to our honeymoon in Disney World on Hallowe’en, as we were able to see the Headless Horseman tear through Main Street USA during the Hallowe’en Parade. It was quite hilarious watching him spin and spin, trying to bite the pumpkin in the Horseman’s hand. Poor dog. :)

At 32 Weeks, Muppet weighs the same as a Jicama, which is a sweet, edible root that looks like a turnip. Muppet is also around 17inches in length, taking up a lot of room in my uterus! Muppet has all it’s nails, has real hair and it’s skin is soft and plumping up. Muppet is definitely moving around lately, and not gently either! I am getting a lot of strong pushes and stretches even while I’m at work walking around (which is usually nap time for Muppet). I have also noticed an increase in hiccups, and sometimes those little hiccup sessions last for a good 15 minutes! I hope it doesn’t annoy the baby, as I know how much I hate them. *Try this: If you see someone with hiccups, tell them you’ll give them a dollar if they stop. Surprisingly it usually works… though I never have the dollar… ;)

I have really started packing on weight, and am really feeling it. I feel heavy all the time, which makes me want to sit down or sleep. I don’t seem to have as much energy as I had such a short time ago. I’m sure it’ll pick up again when I get closer to my due date, and start my frantic nesting and house cleaning. I’m now just struggling with wanting to get things done, but feeling to tired to do them. It’s probably because I’m getting a cold now too, so we’ll see how this week goes. :)

One night, while I was listening to music on my iPhone, I decided to put it on my belly so Muppet could hear it. Well, as soon as the music started, Muppet took off to the other side of my stomach! It was the wildest thing to see! My whole stomach shifted completely, like a big wave rolling by. I guess Muppet has it’s Dad’s taste in music. :)

My book choice this week is Chester by Melanie Watt. Chester is a book about a hilarious cat who duels with author and illustrator Melanie Watt for control over her book. He uses his fancy red marker to scratch out her illustrations and story, while rewriting it to suit his tastes. She initially sets out to write a story about a mouse living in a house, but Chester quickly pounces on the tale, sending the mouse packing and drawing himself living in the house. Every page is an amusing battle between the author and cat, making it a story children will want to read daily. I found it to be super adorable, and was so happy when two more Chester books were made. Melanie Watt is an author who has done amazingly well in such a short period of time. Her other popular books are the Scaredy Squirrel series and Have I Got A Book For You. They are wonderfully illustrated, quirky and just plain fun!


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  1. moxy says:

    I have to say, I love that you always recommend a book! I feel like I missed out on so many good ones when I read your summaries, because they seem awesome! Tres cuteness, m'dear :))

    Just like you guys! Between Halloween and the empathy suit, too good! So nice getting these glimpses.. :))

  2. Elle says:

    Oh those Cupcake are to die for! Were there any gluten-free ones?
    Mmmmm… I wish they had that suit for Kjartan when we went to class!
    Your class seems very proper and high-tech :)

    When I was in labour the midwife told me
    to keep my eyes open and to focus on Kjartan because sometimes closing
    your eyes makes it more intense I guess? Not too sure really but I got
    through it so it must have worked! You do what you feel that makes you
    most at ease and comfortable :) You'll do great!

    I know how you feel with the sudden weight gain and the tiredness to
    the max. It's not fun! You look really good though!

    I must hav caught my sickness from you! I have been crazy sick since
    Monday :( stuffy head and achy muscles and bad sinuses! Is this what
    you have?

    I love Sawyer's costume! Hope to see you soon!

    Love you!


  3. mandiemoon says:

    Moxy- There are so many good books out there! I can't even list them all, because sometimes I don't remember them until I see it sitting on a shelf, and then I'm like, "OH MAN!! Remember THAT book!?" One thing I'm super excited about is re-living my favourite books, and discovering new ones with Little Muppet. :) I'm glad you can share our experiences with us, even from far away! We miss you guys!! <3

    Elle- The cupcakes were amazing, though I don't know if they have any gluten free ones, but I will be sure to ask next time I'm there! :) As for focusing during labour, we too were told to focus on something to distract us from the pain…or at least, kind of distract us. :) As we get closer to the due date, I will be asking you more and more questions I'm sure! ;)

    Love you ladies!!


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