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33 Weeks, I Hardly Knew Thee. ..

33 Weeks, I Hardly Knew Thee. ..

Week 33 was a busy week (it seems like each week is rather busy, now that I think of it…). We were able to take Muppet to another concert, this time with Canadian indie folk-rock musician Dan Mangan who is best known for his songs “Robots” and “Road Regrets” at the Aeolian Hall. The opening bands were also amazing! The first opening band (The Crackling) featured the drummer from Dan Mangan’s tour, highlighting as the lead singer with the rest of the band mates playing along and for one song, Dan Mangan actually came out and played the drums, so it was a bit of a role reversal. We had an amazing time, as the music was spectacular, the band was incredibly charismatic and, and hey, how can you have a boring night when you are encouraged to join in singing with the bands? The hall was packed, the acoustics were wonderful and the crowd was such an odd mix of hipsters and elderly needing hip replacements! Also, I felt like we were drowning in a sea of plaid. At one point, I leaned over and asked Chris if we had mistakenly gone to a lumberjack convention. After the concert, which included a super fun sing-along of “Robots”, we were able to meet the musicians, and they were so humble and generous. One of them even has a side project writing children’s music, which I cannot wait to hear!

We got their autographs, talked a bit, and Chris even bought me an adorable Dan Mangan shirt! (Please note, that is NOT my body… My shirt is “slightly” stretched around the midsection… ;) Muppet is so lucky to have been exposed to so much talent before he/she is even a year old! We are pretty sure that Muppet will be a Dan Mangan fan for life, as it bopped around like crazy through the whole concert.

If you haven’t been exposed to the brilliant music of Dan Mangan, I invite you to click on the link below! He’s truly a great artist and I’m so proud he’s Canadian. :)

Our next fun activity was going to our prenatal class, which we have become quite fond of. We not only enjoy learning about pregnancy and labour together, but we also enjoy having an extracurricular activity that we can both take part in. We are now trying to figure out what fun classes we can take together in the future, after the baby is born. In this class, we learned all about the different stages of labour, different pushing positions, and we even watched a video. Luckily for us, this video was not from the 70′s or 80′s like most of them seem to be. :) After class, I was pretty set on wanting to get a birthing ball, as I think it would really help me cope during labour.

All during week 33, I suffered with a crazy bad cold, which ended up going into my chest, causing me to have some bronchial irritation. The unfortunate thing is that you can’t really take much for illness when you are pregnant, because you don’t want the medication to affect the baby, so mostly I just stayed in bed shivering, sneezing, coughing and whining. I even ended up taking a day off work (which I never do) because I was feeling so weak.

Taking that day off of work also shortened my work week, which was kind of sad, as that was my last week of work before I started my maternity leave, and even though I was still sick, I made sure I went for my last day, as I knew I was going to miss everyone. I can’t believe I am all done! In one way, it feels great, because now I have time to focus on getting everything set and ready before the baby comes, but on the other hand, I do feel a little out of the loop. So far though, I am not bored. :) I have no time for boredom! Christmas is coming!

Speaking of Christmas, during week 33, I took down all my fall and Hallowe’en decorations and put up my winter decorations. I haven’t gone into “full-on” Christmas yet (I wait for the snow to fall first before Santa can make an appearance), but I did put out my snowmen and Christmas coloured candles, potpourri and blankets. I am going to work on making a Christmas pillow this year too, with a snowman stitched on it. I felt the need to get my winter decorations out because I am starting to worry I won’t have time to decorate once December hits. I don’t want to be behind in case the baby comes early! I guess it’s a good thing we bought a fake pre-lit Christmas tree last year, as I don’t imagine I will want to cut down a tree and string lights on it this year, with the baby coming so close to Christmas. * Note: It takes me a couple days to put lights on the tree because I am crazy and believe each branch needs 2 sets of lights on it, and you cannot just throw them on, or wind them around the tree…yes, this is a very stressful process, but once it is done, you can’t see anything but the tree…for real, it’s blinding. I blame my mother for this obsessive compulsiveness. ;)

Every year my family goes to different tree farms to find the perfect Christmas tree. We have been doing this since I was born, I’m pretty sure. It is so much fun! We all bundle up in snowsuits, head out into the fields and start judging trees. (This process can take a long time, as my mother and I are very picky…). At the end of our day (truly, it does take the whole day), we go and sit by the fire-pits and drink hot chocolate or cider and go for wagon rides through the farm. Sometimes the farm has marshmallows for roasting, or free candy canes. Mmm! I’m still going to go this year, though I’ll probably have to wear my father’s snowsuit, as I’m pretty sure I won’t fit in mine. I just love the family tradition, and even though I won’t be buying a tree this year, you can bet I’ll be scoping out the trees for next Christmas, as we can’t wait to include Muppet in on this family adventure!

During week 33, Muppet weighed a little over 4 pounds, about the same amount as a pineapple! Right now, the baby is gaining around 1/2 pound a week, so the weight gain isn’t just because of all the cookies I’ve been eating… ;) Apparently, the amniotic fluid has also reached it’s maximum level, leaving less cushioning in my belly, which is why Muppet’s movements feel so much stronger and intense lately. I have to say, Muppet is one strong baby! Somedays, Muppet stretches both upwards and downwards at the same time, resulting in me having to suddenly pee while clutching my ribs. :) I really enjoy watching the rolling motions of my tummy, and feeling the hardness of a little foot through my skin. Sometimes it is so hard to imagine that Muppet’s little foot, that so far has only existed inside me, will one day be kicking a ball, or tap dancing on the floor.

My book choice this week is called “Someday”, and is written by Alison McGhee. It is a wonderfully touching story that I consider to be the new “Love You Forever”. Don’t get me wrong! I love “Love You Forever”, and I will surely have that one on my shelf, but it is nice to have options under the tear-jerker category in children’s literature.

“Someday” is a beautifully illustrated story about a mother’s love, hopes and dreams for her child as the child goes through many milestones in her life, until life goes full circle, “Someday I will watch you brushing your child’s hair”. It’s a very simple, but moving story of motherhood that touches on a child’s highest highs, and saddest sorrows, because truly, that is what life is all about. I gave this book to my mom when I found out we were expecting, as it really captured how she was feeling, watching me go through another milestone as her daughter, but now, also as an expectant mother.

Please read this book with a box of tissues beside you…


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  1. Jacqueline says:

    I love someday, the first time I read it I cried in the middle of kids.

  2. Annie says:

    I'm definitely going to buy 'Someday'! Thanks for the tip! And 'Love You Forever'… definitely a tear-jerker, but a must-own just the same.

    We also bought a birthing ball after using them in prenatal classes… I'm excited to labour on it as well as I think it's a genius invention! I find it helps a lot with back and hip pain/pelvic floor pressure when I'm watching TV or just lazing around. It's great to have other options for labour too other than just lying down.

    Lucky you for being done work now – I still have another week and I can't wait for it to be over :)

  3. ariane says:

    Amanda- when are you due? I miss seeing your face around chapters a few times a week, and I'm so excited for you!

  4. mandiemoon says:

    Jacqueline, I totally understand! :) It's such a simple, but great book. I love it!

    Annie, I'm so excited about the birthing ball! I'm going to pick one up tonight, as my back is really needing it right now. :p I'm so glad I'm done work, I can't imagine having to be on my feet all day the way my body has been lately. You will love having time to put your feet up, and maybe watch a few of those cliche baby story shows… ;)

    Ariane! How are you? It's been way too long! How are things going for you? I miss seeing your smiling face too, my dear!! I'm due December 18, so it's coming up!! :D

  5. Elle says:

    I must get that book! I got teary eyed just reading your quote!

    I love your Pac Mangan shirt! That would have been a nice concert to go to :)

    I WISH I bought a ball for labour! I can't believe I didn't go out and get one. The midwife asked for my birthing ball at the house and I said I didn't have one and she just looked at Kjartan like "Wow this is going to suck for all of us!" I did ok but I wish I had one. You can find them for pretty cheap at Winners. I finally picked one up.

    I love how you are getting your Christmas decorations up!

    Kjartan has convinced me to get a real tree and he also wants to make it a family tradition for us all as well! Maybe when little Muppet is around we can all go and have a gay ol' time! :)

    I hope you're feeling good! You sure look good!

    Love you, sistah!


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