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Week 31, Getting Things Done!

Week 31, Getting Things Done!

Week 31 began with my head spinning and spinning, like a top. I was so dizzy! I had a few dizzy spells at work, where I felt like I was just going to fall over, and later when at home, I started getting them, even while just sitting on the couch. If I closed my eyes, I would feel the earth moving under my feet. It was the oddest sensation ever. For some reason it wouldn’t pass quickly like most of my dizzy spells do, so I had to just stay sitting, as I feared falling over. Thankfully, they seem to have passed, but it was a very strange experience, I must say!

Maybe I was so dizzy because of how quickly everything is happening. Thankfully, we are starting to get things done around here! :) My Dad came over at the beginning of the week and put up the wainscoting and chair rail in the nursery, and it looks fantastic! The poor man came all the way over to our house, with a giant saw, tons of tools, an air compressor and realized he had forgotten his drill and jigsaw! He had to go all the way back home! And to make matters worse, while sawing the wainscoting, he broke the guard on his saw! Thank goodness he wasn’t hurt though!  We still have to touch up the seams and nail marks in the boards, but that shouldn’t take too long! I am so happy with how it looks! Thank you Papa!

Now, my Dad is faced with the difficult task of building corner shelf units to go on either side of the window, and a closet organizer, as we have found out that our closet is not a standard size and we would need customized closet doors, or build a smaller frame for regular doors to fit into. We decided to go with a built-in unit for the closet, with a lovely draped curtain that attaches to one side of the wall instead. I like this idea because it makes the room look more open and a little larger, which is good, as it is quite tiny. This picture shows the general idea of what we’re trying to achieve, though we would just have the curtain draped to one side, so it’s more gender neutral. For some reason, the double swoop looks more girly to me.

Another thing we crossed off our list was purchasing our baby’s car seat! After reading lots of reviews and checking out fabric colours, we settled on the Chicco KeyFit car seat in “Adventure”. It’s a nice neutral shade of sage green with a light brown accent fabric and a black frame, which matches our stroller frame, so we can put the car seat on our stroller if we choose. It is good for babies 4-22 pounds. It has a five point safety harness, a level on the side that lets you know if you are placing the baby on an angle, the latch system for easy installation and removal and energy absorbing foam for side impact protection. It is rated the #1 car seat in America too!

We really love it, and have already practiced putting it in the car, and taking it out. We purchased it at Children’s Furniture Gallery, as it was on sale that week, and well, we can’t resist a sale. The one thing that made this purchase even better, was the fact that Chris’ parents bought it for Muppet as a gift! We are so thankful, because we know how much all these necessities add up to! Let me be the first to inform you that having a baby is an expensive journey! :) Thank you both! We feel good knowing Muppet will be safe in his/her car seat! Also, our Chicco seat has also gotten the Nobi “Head-rub of Approval”.

At 31 weeks, Muppet weighs around 3.3 pounds, which is similar to 4 large navel oranges. Apparently, Muppet is heading into a growth spurt stage, so watch out world! Seriously, watch out. I can’t see anything that is at the same height as my stomach. At the end of the day, I’m covered in stains and spills from who knows what! :) Muppet has been very active this week, pushing and stretching, especially around my belly button. I can often feel it’s heel pushing against my tummy, so I put my hand on it’s foot and gently push back. I think it enjoys this. :) Little Muppet is now busy making faces, hiccuping, sucking fingers and developing it’s five senses. Apparently, it can actually use all five senses, even smell, though at the moment, it’s unable to smell anything because it’s surrounded by amniotic fluid. That’s pretty crazy!

I’ve been pretty good this past week, though I am really getting tired a lot more easily these days, and am still swelling up like a balloon. I’ve noticed that it’s becoming very difficult to sleep lately too, due to being uncomfortable, over heating and having issues rolling over (can’t), and having to move all my pillows when I re-adjust my positions. One night I was grunting and groaning while trying to roll over onto my left side, when I heard Chris, who had been asleep start to comfort me. “Aw, here, let me help you”, he chuckled softly, while rubbing my back and then my belly while giving me gently little kisses. Then as I snuggled into him, he continued petting me, brushing the hair back from my face while whispering, “Shhh…”. My heart instantly melted. What a romantic, and loving man! Muppet is so lucky to have him as a father! Well, in the morning, when I thanked him for showing me so much warmth and care in the middle of the night, he just stared at me with the blankest face I’d ever seen. “Um, what are you talking about?”, he asked. Apparently, my knight in shining armor had been asleep through the whole thing! He has been sleep-talking! Thank goodness his subconsciousness is a nice guy too.

One of my all time favourite books has to be Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola. I love it so much, Chris lovingly refers to me as ‘Prega Nona’. It is a huge compliment, I assure you! ;) The book is about Strega Nona, a grandmotherly witch who lives in a small village. She goes about curing warts, making love potions and helping the villagers. She is so busy, she decides to hire help, as she needs someone to assist her with her daily chores inside and outside her house. She chooses Big Anthony, and after instructing him on what chores he is to do, she warns him that most of all, he must NEVER touch her magic pasta pot which produces yummy pasta at the command of her magic spell. One day, Strega Nona leaves the village to visit her friend Strega Amelia, and leaves Big Anthony alone in her house. I’m sure you can imagine the mischief he gets into. :) Let’s just say, in the end, Big Anthony really lives up to his name, and never wants to eat pasta again.

It’s a wonderfully fun book, full of beautiful illustrations done by dePaola, and it also teaches a lesson without being too preachy. I remember staring at the pictures of pasta pouring through the town and wishing I could be there to eat it all up. Mmm…Perhaps this is where my spaghetti love stems from… This book is delightful for all ages. It’s funny, colourful and has some repetition, so the little ones can read along with you. Buon Appetito!


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  1. Annie says:

    I had some weird dizzy spells this week too! They didn't last very long but they were definitely out of the blue and something I've never experienced before. I think I might google dizziness in relation to pregnancy and see what I find out :)

  2. Elle says:

    Aw! I am IN LOVE with your room!!! Wow! It's so epic and beautiful! I know the tiredness is hitting big now, and you are sooo close it's insane! I want to read this Stega Nona book! I feel like I have read it as she looks so familiar!

    It's funny because I had to read that again about the drapes and thought that was your picture. I was like "Wow! That is so girly! It's perfect!" So I guess girl comes to mind again :)

    Better tend to Edie now, but I can't wait to see your nursery!

    Love you :)


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