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30 Weeks, Only 10 Weeks Left!

30 Weeks, Only 10 Weeks Left!

Week 30 came and went like a flash! I had a prenatal appointment with my family doctor (thanks Dad for driving me!), who recommended I get prescription support stockings (really sexy) for my swelling and vein-y situation, as well as told me to lay down whenever I can. Sadly, there is not much time for laying down these days, as we are getting close to the finish line and we still have much to do! I also am no longer covered for medical things, so I will just make due with the stockings from Shoppers Drug Mart. Happily, at this prenatal, I went up only 2 pounds…Whew! I seem to be back on track again! I also got to listen to the heartbeat during my prenatal, and the heart rate was 140. Muppet is very regular. ;)

A new development is that I seem to be having Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS in the evenings now, which is VERY annoying. No matter how comfy my new mattress topper is (and it is VERY comfortable), it can not help me fall asleep anymore, as my legs feel like kicking and dancing. It feels like there is a current of energy just running through my legs, even though I just want to sleep. I’m hoping it’s just a phase that will soon disappear, because Chris has the “Jimmy Jams” in his legs, and it is quite bothersome.  

Another new “symptom” of this pregnancy seems to be my sudden lack of coordination, or just plain old clumsiness. I truly feel as if I have been thrust back into puberty, with brand-spanking new hips, as I seem to bump into everything, getting bruises and boo-boos galore. I seem to walk into things I normally would have avoided, or pull something that normally would not hurt with everyday movements. I also am not nearly as agile as my mind seems to remember me being. The other day, a child kicked a ball, which I leaped to stop…pulling my groin muscle in the process. Another day, a child was climbing a table at work, and as I watched her jump to land on a giant stuffed animal, I raced to catch her…again, pulling that darn groin muscle. Just a few days ago, I almost fell off the couch while I was standing on it, to step over the dog, who was sleeping so soundly…I didn’t have the heart to ask him to move. Maybe I should be doing some yoga or something… 

At 30 weeks, Muppet is roughly 3 pounds and 15-17 inches in length. Muppet is about the size of a cabbage. It’s eyes are still developing, and when Muppet is born, it’s eyesight will be 20/400, seeing objects only a few inches away. Muppet is still moving around a lot, though I notice bigger and stronger movements, instead of little flutters, as Muppet is starting to run out of room in my tummy. Some days I get sharp jabs to my ribs, or Muppet will press itself against my side, and I can actually feel it’s little back going up and down as it practices breathing. 

One thing that I wanted to do before the baby arrives, was to start finding my favourite children’s books, so I could start Muppet’s first library collection. I will try to write about my favourite books from here-on-out. :) 

The first book I want to write about is ‘The Monster At The End Of This Book’ starring Grover. This book was one of my family’s all time favourites. It’s about lovable Grover who becomes quite distressed to learn that there is a monster at the end of the book. As each page is turned, he realizes that he is getting closer and closer to this monster, and he begins to try to figure out ways to prevent you from turning the pages of the story, as he is very scared. Even now, this book will make just about any child laugh as they turn the page, while poor Grover begs them not to…Evil, I know. :) But who wouldn’t want to see this monster? The end is a cute, little surprise that shocks even our furry old Grover. This book is simply a must have for my home, and I’m sure it would entertain even the most antsy, on-the-go child. It is definitely a classic!

Here is an excerpt from the book!  Enjoy!


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  1. Jesus Christ says:

    I have a couple of books that I plan on adding to the library. Hope you like the Bible!

  2. Annie says:

    Hi! My stepsister Ariane told me about your blog when she found out I was pregnant and due not long before you. I must say I've been lurking for a little while now and I love your posts because I can relate to almost everything you write about to do with your pregnancy! I'm due in the early part of December. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog!

  3. mandiemoon says:

    Thanks Annie!

    I'm so glad you can relate to my blog! Despite all the differences there are in pregnancies, it sounds like a lot of people still go through the same experiences. When are you due? I hope your baby is treating you and your tummy well, and I wish you all the best! :D Thanks for reading!


  4. Annie says:

    I'm due sometime between Dec. 1-7… not too sure anymore, but likely early December! See my blog for the reason why we're not sure. It's a little mixed up at this point. But we're very excited :)

  5. Elle says:

    Edie loves her copy of "The Monster at the end of this Book!" I loved reading it in school and I still have the same excitement while turning the pages :) She will feel so strong! Edie will have to thank Muppet personally ;)

    I can't believe I skipped writing on this post! It's just been so busy these days. But I am super up to date, now!

    They say you get clumsy with baby boys and more graceful with girls! I am not too sure how that really is, because I am totally awkward in general and still had a girl.

    Are you feeling any different of what you could be expecting?

    The anticipation is insane, and yet so exciting!

    Writing from the future, you really don't have much longer to go! :D

    Love you!

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