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27 Weeks with Mood Swings Galore and a Brand New Floor!

27 Weeks with Mood Swings Galore and a Brand New Floor!

Week 27 went by pretty quickly in our house. The week started off with an exciting project headed by Chris and his good friend Keith (who is quite handy, thank goodness!). ;) Together, they spent much of the day putting in the nursery flooring and I must say, it looks amazing! I had to work that day, so I admit I was a little nervous leaving the two of them on their own (not that I would know how to help them or anything), but what a wonderful surprise to come home to! I can tell Chris is proud of his work, as he always seems to just be standing in the middle of the nursery and then breaks into a little jig when he notices I’m watching him. I’m so happy that the nursery is coming together! Thanks gents! Keith, feel free to help us with the rest of the house! ;)

One thing I have really started noticing is the heaviness of my body. I have hit the uncomfortable stage. I get sweaty and overheated, can’t roll over, need to pull myself upright in bed, and I just can’t seem to get comfortable! The baby seems to be sitting up in my ribs half the time! Being uncomfortable has made me into an irritable and restless woman! I have been getting no sleep! Half the time, it takes me forever to fall asleep, and as soon as I do, Chris moves or breathes…and BAM! I’m awake. Many nights I’ve glared at him in the dark, wishing we had bought twin beds. Some nights I ponder the thought of sleeping in a chair rather then on a lumpy, hard mattress. I spent a few days going between tears and angry rants to whoever would listen (mostly the cats). Well, to amazement, Chris seemed to pick up on my moodiness and understood at once that we needed to invest in a better sleep (we had cheapened out when we moved into our house, buying the ‘back to school’ discount mattress).

We ended up going to Costco with my mom to check out the mattress toppers, and there on the shelf sat the most beautiful queen size memory foam mattress topper. I saw the price tag and immediately thought, “Uhoh…Chris is going to want to know where the $40 ones are hiding…”, but again to my amazement, he picked it up and happily carried it around the store! He said that it was important for me to get my rest and to be comfy as I was only going to get more uncomfortable as time went on. That man is a lifesaver…though he may have just been trying to save his own life… ;) I have to tell you, if you have a crappy mattress and cannot sleep, get a mattress topper! It changes lives people! I am able to sink into the most deep sleep now, being hugged by my mattress. Even our dog loves it! I’m pretty sure I know what he’s getting for Christmas! :) I am really glad we invested in this purchase, as I know it really can affect the quality of your life. I go about my day a little bit happier and a little more rested, which makes for a much better wife!

Another big accomplishment for us is that we booked our prenatal classes as well as a breastfeeding class! I’m so excited to go to these, as I feel like it’s a good way to get Chris involved in the whole process. I also just finished an amazing book called “The Big Book of Birth” by Erica Lyon. It is the most unbiased and informative book I’ve read on the whole birthing process. Some of the books out there come across as a little preachy and condescending…and honestly, I feel a little judged when my opinion differs from the author, but with Lyon’s book, you just feel like you have all the information and that it’s up to you and your partner to make the best decision for you. The book educates you on all the birthing positions (I had no idea that giving birth on your back is actually the WORST position you can give birth in), medications, visualization techniques, interventions and real life stories from women in all different situations. She provides the pros and cons of each decision you will have to make, but remains positive and encouraging instead of scaring you off with warnings and negative thoughts. I also really like how she encourages you to have your partner read certain chapters, as it has tons of information on how they can help you through the birthing process, without laying too many expectations on them as this whole event is new to them too. She really opened up my eyes to not judge anyone’s birth experience, because each one is personal and right for someone out there. If you end up with a healthy baby in the end, you know that whatever you chose to do, well, it was the right decision for you. If I could recommend one book to anyone during their pregnancy, this would be it. Heck, I’ll loan it to you after my hubby is done reading it! ;)

At 27 weeks, Muppet weighed as much as a head of cauliflower. Muppet is sleeping and waking at regular intervals and is probably sucking away at it’s fingers. It’s lungs are still immature, but with medical help, Muppet’s lungs would be able to function if it was born, though we want Muppet to marinate a little longer… :). Muppet has also become fond of playing with my bladder. I had an eight hour shift the other day and I spent at least 4 of those hours making surprised faces, running to the bathroom, or squatting down on the floor, pretending to tie my shoes. What a little bugger! :)

I’ll be back soon with Week 28! I bet you can’t wait! ;)


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  1. Elle says:

    I can't wait to see how the nursery is coming along! I know how you feel about the preparations with little muppet coming soon.

    I know you gave me that birth book which I just took some looks at the pictures and just went "Yes, yes ok… This position is crazy and that" But, honestly it was probably the best thing because I am sure I went to town on some of those moves when Edie was born. Laying flat on your back is the worst position, but if you have epidural I guess there isn't really a choice. Whatever you have to do will be good and ok :)

    Are you scared? I think I was scared for a while, but then as it got closer I got excited and just wanted to be done with it :)

    Hope you're feeling well! (I guess you are as we are technically in the future with my late comments!)

    Love you, sistah!


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