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Week 26: A Week of Hard Work and Surprises!

Week 26: A Week of Hard Work and Surprises!

What a week we had! We finally started our nursery renovations! Yay! Though, I have to admit that there was more work involved then I had initially anticipated. I’m the kind of person that once I start a project, I want it done the same day, which is very unrealistic sometimes. I guess when I look at a room, I see what I want, and just feel it should be easy to achieve, but of course, that is not the case. Painting was our first big task. I taped off all the baseboards and such around the room, then  I painted the edges all around the room with Chris following behind, filling in the walls with a roller. There were moments of tenseness between us, as it’s a small room and I think both of us were getting irritated with each other, but afterwards, the next morning, when we saw the results, it made the day before worth it.

Our next project was removing the baseboards, pulling out the carpet and removing all the nails and staples in the floor and baseboards. My handy dad came over to help with that project as my super lovely husband (who is talented in many other ways) isn’t that much of a handyman. My father on the other-hand is a handyman extraordinaire! He brought all his tools and just went to town on that nursery! I helped of course, ending up with very blistered hands as I tried plying nails and staples from the wood. I wasn’t able to find my work gloves, but I did find a left handed gardening glove, so I put that on…not sure if it helped or not, but I felt more professional! :) My dad is going to come back and help us with putting in the laminate flooring, as well as putting up the decorative panels and baseboards, so I’m sure he’ll keep us busy! Thanks for all your help papa!

Here is some very rough footage of our renovation experience.

In the middle of these renovations, my mom and I went on a shopping trip to the US. We found so many cute and well priced things that it took all my self control not to go on a shopping spree! I absolutely love all the Carter’s baby clothes! They had all their Hallowe’en and Thanksgiving outfits on sale, and I admit I was a little sad that Muppet wouldn’t be able to wear any of them this year. But, now I can plan for next year! ;) I picked up some full panel maternity pants that were on sale, as well as some super sexy nursing bras… that sexy part was sarcastic, by the way. Then we went to the Olive Garden for all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks…Mmmmm! I could eat there everyday! It was a long, but productive and fun day, but I sure was exhausted!

Then, out of nowhere, I got the most wonderful surprise! I was finishing up at work when my hubby came to pick me up. He seemed to be in a hurry, so I figured he had to meet with a client or something. I mentioned wanting to take a nap, as I was still so tired from my previous busy days, but he said I couldn’t! He told me that I had to go home and pack my suitcase and that I only had half an hour to get ready, as he had planned a special surprise for our wedding anniversary! I was so excited…and a little nervous. I mean, what do I pack for a trip to the unknown? We dropped Sawyer off at my parents and then took off on this crazy adventure to who-knows-where!

Want to know what he had planned?! He booked us the most romantic getaway to Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood in The Grand Georgian! It was absolutely beautiful! As we drove up to Blue Mountain, I saw signs for the Scenic Caves..which sound lovely, but not to a person who has to waddle everywhere. I prayed that I wouldn’t have to go on a hike…that he had planned something else, but never did I imagine we would be staying at such a stunning resort! Even when we drove up to the entrance, I had to look at him and ask, “Are we actually staying here?!”. It was so magical. The people are so friendly, the food is delicious (garlic mashed potatoes *drool*), the grounds and scenery are breathtaking and the village is just so magnificent! I now call it my Canadian Disney World.

Our room was what I’ve always dreamt of- with a kitchen, dining room, living room  and of course, my favourite, a fireplace! We even had a lovely balcony that looked out to the forested mountain. I truly cried a lot on this trip. He also had booked a super great dinner for us which included steak, garlic mashed potatoes, ceasar salad with brownie cheesecake for dessert! Yum! I had no idea that my darling could be so spontaneous and romantic. :) I cannot wait to go back! I want to play shuffle board, make pottery, relax on the dock, paddle in a paddle boat and eat until I explode! I would not be opposed to living there either…in a cute Cape Cod style house in either yellow or sage green… ;) I am just so in love with Collingwood now! I’m pretty sure I’ve added a new “our place” to our special places list. It now accompanies Niagara-On-The-Lake, Disney World and Prince Edward Island. Thank you for the most wonderful anniversary honey! (Good luck topping it next year!) ;)

Here is a little tour of our room!

As of week 26, Muppet was the size of an english hothouse cucumber and weighs about 2 pounds! That’s a mighty big baby! Apparently it now is able to react to touch and sound, so I often poke it to see if it kicks back! Surprisingly it sometimes does! It is now developing a sleep and active phase routine, which I am starting to recognize. It usually is active around 9am, 4pm, and super active around 10:30pm. Muppet is a fan of kicking my bladder, making me want to pee constantly, and now I think I can feel it’s little hiccups which tickles a little bit! One thing I’ve noticed is that Muppet is a tad bit stubborn, as it never wants to dance around when I’m filming, but as soon as I put the camera away, it goes nuts! I tried getting it to dance to the oldies the other day, I mean, who can stand still when Mony Mony is on? I can tell you who. It’s Muppet. Crazy baby! :)

I’m starting to feel the weight of the baby a bit, and it’s starting to throw off my balance and make me a little tired. It’s hard to get out of the car or bed sometimes as I can’t use my stomach muscles anymore, so often I rock back and forth to get some momentum and then throw myself forward. I also notice that I grunt quite a bit when trying to get up. I think I need a scooter! ;) The baby also seems to be sitting low sometimes, as I feel a lot of pressure in places I would rather there not be pressure. *sigh*

One thing I’m craving like mad right now is Thanksgiving Dinner. I constantly dream of hot turkey sandwiches, mashed potatoes and stuffing…and let’s not forget those yummy dill pickles! Mmmm! I cannot wait for Thanksgiving, and I’m so glad I get to celebrate it twice! ;) (One meal for me, one for the baby!).

p.s. Happy 2nd Anniversary honey! I love you so much! I can’t wait until Muppet can share the love our little family has for each other. You truly are my best friend  and I love you. <3


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  1. Elle says:

    I say we get you a scooter and hit up Disney World! You would fit right in with all those other scooter drivers, and we could all ride on the back!

    Have you started using the back/stomach sling? I hope it works for you! It felt pretty good when you brought it over that one day :)

    Again, I loved the videos and it is so nice to have a video of your dad working on the nursery. That is really special :)

    I loved your room at Blue mountain too! Even though your bed was "used" ;) Good video! I really hope you had a wonderful anniversary even though it's a billion years and not just 2!

    I hope you are feeling well and you look beautiful!

    Thanksgiving is not far away! Turkey is going to be faaaantastic!

    Love you!


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