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Muppet Could Be Here In Under 99 Days!

Muppet Could Be Here In Under 99 Days!

According to my iPhone app, Muppet should arrive in about 99 days, or 14 weeks! That is nuts! I feel unprepared! I feel I must start shopping! I feel I must start decorating!!…I feel like I may be losing my mind slowly. :) Knowing the baby is coming really does send one into a bit of a nesting panic. If I were a forest animal, I’d start burying acorns in preparation, or gathering twigs and pieces of string. Instead, I get out cleaning supplies and start scrubbing cabinets and toilets. At least Chris doesn’t complain! :)

My tummy is becoming the center of my world now, as everything seems to revolve around it. People now freely comment on it without worrying about offending me, it causes me to get stuck in bean bag chairs at work, it provides comfort to my nephew who absent-mindfully rubs it while we play games on my iPhone, it causes me to waddle when I walk, crave cake and pie all day long, and forces me to go out and buy maternity pants with the FULL panel…*sigh*. It feels so huge already that I can’t even imagine how much bigger it will get in the months ahead!

As of week 25, Muppet is about the size of a rutabaga. It weighs roughly between 1.5 and 2 pounds. Right now Muppet is putting on it’s cute baby fat which helps plump out those wrinkles and will eventually cause ladies to stop and pinch it’s little cheeks or legs. Apparently it’s eyes are beginning to open now (though there isn’t much to see), but the pigment still isn’t developed unlike Muppet’s hair which now is beginning to show colour and texture! Muppet’s brain is also starting to work overtime, allowing Muppet to react to noises now by increases it’s pulse rate, or it’s activity. That may be why Muppet is most active when I’m watching television! I have noticed the baby tends to be the most active now around 10:30pm when I’m trying to sleep, and it’s hard to ignore the little thumps as I know I will miss them when they are gone! I’m trying to pay attention to each little jab so I can hold onto the memory, because world, I am a sap. :) The other day while grocery shopping, I got a sharp punch to the kidneys which hurt like heck and then suddenly made me have to pee so badly! I yelped in surprise, scaring an elderly man who must have thought I was going into labour. *sigh* These are the moments I’m going to miss! ;)

The one thing I’m not going to miss is this heartburn that has gotten out of control! Because Muppet is growing so well, my insides are all squished together, which makes heartburn a sure bet! I’m taking tums to try to conteract it, but they only do so much. I just need to learn to eat smaller meals, and eat slowly…which is basically impossible for me. :)

In this picture, I am telling Sawyer to be patient for his new little brother or sister. ;)

Here is a photo of the cats enjoying Muppet’s bassinet. Nobi has called dibs on it, and isn’t afraid to let Muppet know how he feels about the baby coming and taking it from him. :)


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  1. Elle says:

    Aw the nesting instinct begins! You'll miss the little jabs here and there, but you will also be so happy to chill with the new little being in your life!

    Your belly is growing so big! You have definitely surpassed mine now! I can't wait to see the nursery all finished and cute as a button! You are so talented :)

    Hope you can stop by again real soon! Edie is missing you!

    Love you, sistah!


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