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24 Weeks Pregnant And A New Family Addition!

24 Weeks Pregnant And A New Family Addition!

Our week began pretty busy, as we went into Toronto to go to the FanExpo and the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre. We started our morning a little slow, as we couldn’t decide what “nerd-ery” to do first, Harry Potter, or SciFi fun. We decided to go to FanExpo first, as some friends were already there, but to our dismay, when we got there, the event had reached full capacity and they weren’t letting anyone in until people started leaving. We paid our $15 for parking, because I still had hopes that the line would move, but after seeing how far the line went back, I admitted defeat and had a little cry. I’m so glad I wasn’t all dressed up in some cosplay outfit, as that would have been the saddest sight to see. After talking with some friends, I felt better about not getting in, as it was apparently very packed and unorganized this year and I imagine Little Muppet would have started to get impatient standing in lines all day. To make our parking “worth” it, we went and had an ice tea across the street, and then headed back to the car so we could go to the Harry Potter Exhibit.

The Harry Potter Exhibition was held at the Ontario Science Centre, and neither Chris nor I (nor Muppet for that matter), had ever been there, so we were really excited! The exhibit started off with us being ushered into a room with the Sorting Hat who sorted some of the audience into their Hogwart’s House. I sadly did not get to be sorted by the hat, as I felt I had to let the children in the audience go first… self sacrifice, I tell ya! ;) We then got to walk through the front doors of Hogwart’s into the world of Harry Potter!

The exhibit was amazing! On display were tonsof costumes, props, set pieces and more from the actual Harry Potter films! We got to walk through the Gryffindor dormitory which had the actual beds and clothing of the main characters in it, pull mandrakes from their pots which  made them scream, sit on Hagrid’s chair in his hut, toss a Quidditch ball through the hoop (while being reminded we had to use only one hand, as the other would be holding onto a broom), and see all the magical creatures like Buckbeak or Dobby. They had the graveyard set up with Dementors, the halls were covered with posters of Bellatrix Lestrange and other wanted Death Eaters, and there was even the costume worn by “He Who Cannot Be Named”. I truly could not believe how much they had brought with them from the movie sets! Mostly though, I really wanted to pet the Monster Book of Monsters… It was so cute! :D

After the exhibit, we decided to tour the rest of the Centre and we had a blast! Chris was hilarious trying to steer his Moon Buggy, and I loved playing the steel drums. The Ontario Science Centre is a lot of fun, and I can definitely see us going back again, especially after the reaction I got from Little Muppet! As soon as we entered the Space section of the Centre, Muppet started to do intense kicks and punches. It truly is going to out-geek us in the future. We may have to start saving up for astronaut school soon…Maybe we’ll be lucky and Muppet will marry a rich alien… ;)

Here is a little, slightly embarrassing, video of me attempting to play the steel drums. Enjoy! (Muppet, be warned…this is only one of the MANY times your parents will embarrass you! Please know we do it with love.)

In other news, we have a new addition to the family! Her name is Edie! She was born on September 1 and she is absolutely adorable! Chris and I are hoping she’ll provide us with a little practice before our little one arrives, as well as show us a preview of what is to come. She is going to be a wonderful cousin for our Muppet and it will be so fun to see them grow up together! We are very happy for Chris’ sister and her husband and know they are going to be great parents for this petite lady. I cannot wait to spoil her! :) Congrats you two!! To read more about Edie’s start in the world, go to
We recently went for our latest prenatal the other day and I talked to my doctor about some new fun symptoms I’m having. Ankle and leg swelling! Weee! I actually bought some support knee high stockings, and when I wear them to work with my back support belt I kind of feel like a hip granny. I can’t believe the number this little monkey is doing on my body! My ankles were so swollen that they completely disappeared! That coupled with my back pain and horrific heartburn is really getting to be a bit too much. The doctor recommended I work less on my feet, so I’m going to have to talk to my boss. Like the doctor said, it’ll only get worse from here!
We got to hear Muppet’s heartbeat again which was super clear this time. The heartbeat was 160 (for those keeping track). Chris said it reminded him of the Popcorn song. For those not familiar with this song, watch the Muppet’s version with the Swedish Chef!
As of week 24, Muppet is the size of an eggplant (which is also one of my favourite colours). I am also already a soccer mom, as my uterus is now about the size of a soccer ball! That is crazy, but I do love soccer…:)  Muppet is taller than two juice boxes stacked on top of each other and as heavy as four of them! At 24 weeks, Muppet’s lungs are getting ready for breathing their first lungful of air, and it’s nostrils are starting to open so it can take little practice breaths with the amniotic fluid. So far, I have gained 9 pounds in this pregnancy, which I admit at first made me want to cry a little. But I know that I have to think of it as” growing baby” weight, not “too much pizza and chips” weight.

Little Muppet has begun kicking me up higher now, and I think it can hear the cats, because whenever they are laying on my stomach purring, Muppet kicks right at them! It’s pretty darn cute! I’m curious to see how the pets will react to this little person being in their space. I think Nobi will love Muppet and we’ll have to watch for accidental smothering, as Nobi is a cuddler…Neko on the other hand…well, she’s very protective and quick to react, so we’ll have to see what she does. I’m pretty sure Sawyer will just sit on the poor child, as he loves being a “lap” dog. Ah, family! :)



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  1. Elle says:

    I love the re-edited version of the last picture with Neko sneaking in the corner!

    The Harry Potter exhibit sounds really cool! I've never been to that building either, so we will have to have some double dates with the babies :)

    I hope the animals accept little muppet with open paws! You are looking really good!

    Thanks for the Edie and blog shout out! You look so natural with her :) She loves her Auntie Manda, and Uncle Chris so much already!

    See you soon, sistah!

    Love you!

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