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Ultrasound Update!

Ultrasound Update!

We had our prenatal and ultrasound the other day and things apparently look good. :) Little Muppet’s heart rate was 150 beats/min., which according to a fun pregnancy myth means the gender is female, though this isn’t necessarily true. This gender “predictor” uses the heart rate to try to figure out if the baby is a boy or a girl. If the heart rate is slow, it is supposed to be a boy, and if it is fast, then it’s supposed to be a girl. I really enjoy trying out all these old wive’s tale methods, as it’s so much fun! I’m very curious to see how accurate this test is. My mom said it worked for all her children, so we’ll just have to wait and see! :)

In the ultrasound, Muppet was a super active baby! It did not want to sit still and get it’s picture taken! The sonographer was quite convinced that I must have drank a gallon of coffee that morning, which I assured her that was definitely not the case. What I had drank was too much water! Oh good gracious! I got to my appointment 20 minutes early, and had to sit in the waiting room for an extra 15 minutes on top of that, staring at the bathroom across the hall. I tried reading food magazines, golf magazines, crossing my legs, standing…Oh, I had to go so bad! Finally my name was called and I jumped up and ran to the room. I warned the sonographer that I would have to go pretty soon, but I don’t think she realized how true this was. As she scanned my tummy, she began pressing hard on my bladder, and well, one can only visit the desert in their mind for so long before they reach an oasis of water. I told her I had to go, and she quickly cleaned my belly off and told me, “Don’t pee it all out!” I’m sorry, you want me to stop mid stream?! I sat in the bathroom and wonderered, how much urine was too much? There is no gauge on my bladder to show me if I’m running close to empty, so I had to guess and went back into the ultrasound room. She continued scanning around my tummy, when maybe 5 minutes later, the urge to “go” returned. I couldn’t believe it! I casually mentioned it to her, feeling a little bad I was keeping her from doing her job properly. She told me to tell her when she was “pushing her luck”. Ya, I told her very soon after that. I ran back into the bathroom, breathed a sigh of relief and sheepishly went back into the room. I apologized profusely, but she assured me it was normal. She then went back to work, which wasn’t so bad until she had me lay on my side because the baby had stopped dancing, but was in a difficult position and she needed to see it better. As soon as I rolled on my side, my bladder started twitching and I knew I was not running on empty. I prayed she would be done soon, that she would go get Chris, show us the baby on the monitor, and then we could go (to the bathroom again). I think the urge to pee is worse when you know you can’t go. I counted ceiling tiles, read the fine print on the light bulbs on the roof, dug my nails into the flesh of my palm…everything to keep from having to tell her I had to go again. Luck was on my side and I heard the sweetest words ever spoken, “I’ll go get your husband!”

What a crazy baby Little Muppet is! When the sonographer showed us the baby, it was in the wackiest position ever! It had it’s legs bent over it’s head, with it’s feet in it’s face. It did not look comfortable at all. I can see why she was having difficulties being able to measure with the baby all cramped up like that. She showed us it’s spine, the bones of the face, the little hands and it’s jumpy legs that started marching on the spot. It was quite adorable! I’m not sure if it was having it’s first little temper tantrum in there, but if it’s anything like me, there will be many to follow once it’s born. ;)

As soon as we left the hospital, we made a beeline for my family’s house, as I really had to go again. I really do love going for my ultrasounds, but I wish they would figure out a way to do them without making a pregnant woman, who has a lot of pressure on her bladder from a growing baby, have to hold a few bottles of water in. Come on science! Help a mother out! ;)


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  1. chris says:

    Yeah, it was cool seeing it stretch it's legs like that :). Obviously it was training for the big baby race next month.

  2. Elle says:

    You know, I did mention "she" in the PEI post! I KNOW I am totally right about this! They will be official twins! I was 150 when I had my ultrasound. The baby looks like she has chubby little cheeks and indeed looks like a girl! :D

    What are you feeling it is?

    Love you Sistah!


  3. Elle says:

    Hmmm I am torn… COULD it be a boy? All the clothes I look at for you, I feel like I grab more boy tones in things… It's killing me! :D

  4. Capitan Crazy Poopy Pants says:

    Wow, that's rad guys!

    Ultrasounds are the weirdest :D

  5. mandiemoon says:

    Lol, the baby race is going to be intense! I hope it's training is going well. There is some mega competition out there! ;)

    I feel so many different things! When I think about it, it's a boy, but when I feel it move, I refer to it as a girl, so who knows? (Actually, I think the sonographer knows…);)

    Ultrasounds are indeed weird! :) We are looking into booking our 3D Ultrasound, so that should be pretty crazy! I think it's so crazy how they can show you all the bones in the body, where the stomach is, how the heartbeat flutters…it's pretty wild! :D I guess it isn't a Goa'uld symbiote after-all. ;)

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