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Half Way There at 20 and 21 Weeks!

Half Way There at 20 and 21 Weeks!

I cannot believe we have already passed the 20 week mark! We are half way to the finish line! Time is passing so quickly, it’s unbelievable! I almost want to stop time just so I can keep enjoying being pregnant right now, as it’s something I’ve come to enjoy immensely. Technically we are on our 21 week, but I’m back tracking as I’m late once again.
Things are really going well right now. I have been feeling great, eating like a champion and feeling super positive about things in general. I don’t think I’ve ever felt better about myself than I do right now to be honest. I’m pretty sure this is what my body was designed for. :)
One thing we’ve been struggling with is getting the nursery organized, as we don’t have much room in our house and we’ve been trying to figure out how to merge our furniture together. Sadly, poor Chris is going to have to share his office with me, as there is no where else to put my things! And what do we do with our futon?! I love that thing! *sigh*. We also have to find space for our treadmill, as I will need that later this winter… *bigger sigh*. In other nursery news, we finally picked a paint colour! It’s called ‘Pooh Bear Yellow’. It’s nice and soft and neutral, so I think it will look great! We are thinking of painting this week sometime, if we ever move the furniture out of the room. ;) The theme we are going with is Classic Pooh (or as I call it, shirtless Pooh). We are going with light wood, soft pale yellow, white and cream mostly and accenting the room with bumble bees. I have already been getting little treasures from family that they have collected along our pregnancy, so I’m super excited to have the nursery done so we can display them!
My friend Bonnie has recently started her own business, “Only One”, on Etsy selling the most adorable hand-knitted stuffies! She has made so many cute toys, from monkeys, owls, birdies and bears to giraffes and even nursery mobiles! I am lucky enough to have received Mervin the Giraffe (who is super awesome), but now am even luckier as I am getting my own bumble bee mobile! :D I can’t wait to put it up in the nursery! You can buy her unique critters for yourself or someone you love at
As of week 20 (half way point!), Muppet was the length of a large banana, about 10 inches from head to heel. At this stage, Muppet is swallowing more and more each day, keeping it’s digestive system on it’s toes. :) I have also been feeling Little Muppet moving around so much lately, especially in the evening, around 9:30pm. You can actually see it flutter against my stomach if you look really closely. I think it likes the sound of the television, because it seems to stop moving when I mute the t.v. and then dance around when I turn it back up. I also seem to notice it move around when I sit at my computer. I know I’m going to miss those little moments we share.
As of this week (21 weeks), Muppet weighs 3/4 of a pound and is the length of a large carrot! Which reminds me of how when I was small, I remember going to our family’s garden and digging up fresh carrots from the ground and eating them without even washing them off first. The taste of dirt really added to the whole experience I think! ;) I also would walk around, annoying everyone, by constantly saying, “Ehhhh, what’s up doc?” :) At week 21, Muppet’s eyebrows and eyelids are present and I should soon start feeling it’s kicks and punches a little more… intensely.
Belly Bump! I am so pregnant! Look at that tummy! ;) Our dog Sawyer seems to think it’s funny. I wonder how he’ll be with a new little brother or sister. He’ll probably try sitting on it at first, as he loves sitting on people (he thinks he’s a lap dog), but I think Muppet and him will become best buds. :)

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  1. Elle says:

    You are getting so big! You look awesome! It's funny you mention the carrot thing, because I remember being with the Mcallisters and going to your dads shop and picking the carrots and eating them! You did have a veggie patch there, or am I crazy? I remember eating lots… :)

    Sawyer looks so excited to be a big brother!

    Your room is going to be so precious! I love how you call him "shirtless pooh" Did you buy your wall colour from the disney collection? I remember the yellow colour called "baby bee" and it was just so pretty too. How crazy that you actually found THE classic Pooh colour :)

    I can't believe you are already half way! I am so excited to meet the little muppet :)

    Love you!


  2. Shauna Daniele says:

    I am sooo excited for you and can't wait to see pictures of the room when it's done!
    I can't believe you're half way there! You look Amazing!!

  3. Mom says:

    Wow, the half way bump. It sure is cute. I am so proud of you my little Maggie Muffins. You will be a great Mom. You have lots of love, patience and common sense and that is what will help you through all phases of your baby's life. We will always be there for you and Chris and Baby Muppet.
    Love and Kisses.

  4. mandiemoon says:

    Elle, Oh I do remember! There were tons of veggies and rhubarb too…Mmm…I love rhubarb! Now I think I want some of that to munch on…so sour.. ;)

    We must get together soon!!
    Love ya!

    Shauna, thank you so much! I will post pics of the nursery when we finish…which hopefully won't be the day our child graduates high school. ;)

    Momma! Thank you so much for your super kind words, they mean so much to me! :D Love you lots!! XO

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