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Week 17 in Prince Edward Island

Week 17 in Prince Edward Island

Last Sunday I left Ontario for the red sand of Prince Edward Island with my parents and one of my brothers to take Meme back home to be buried. The trip was a mixture of feelings, as it was of course sad to have to say a final goodbye to Meme, but at the same time it was peaceful and good to know that she was able to find rest where her heart always belonged.

We decided to drive up to the ‘Gentle Island’ to save money (as plane tickets are very expensive), but it was definitely a long trip. The nice thing about driving instead of flying though is that you get to make little stops along the way to see things that you would otherwise pass right over. During one of our stops, I climbed out of the cramped back seat of the car to a crazy overactive baby in my tummy. As soon as I was standing, Muppet went nuts! It was doing somersaults in the lower left side of my stomach and would not stop! It kind of scared me at first, but I assume it was just trying to stretch out too after that long ride. ;)

The one thing I was really not looking forward to on this trip was the big, scary Confederation Bridge. I hate bridges with a passion! Since I can remember I have ALWAYS hated bridges….It might have something to do with reoccurring nightmares as a child of a bridge that opened up, causing my family’s van to plummet into icy waters, leaving us trapped with no way to escape… Or maybe I just don’t like them. :) Anyways, the Confederation Bridge is an 8 mile bridge *shudder* that crosses from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. Back in the day, we used to take a ferry across, which I prefer… though I do remember having heart palpations every time my younger siblings would climb the rails and look over into the ocean. I can’t imagine how much more overprotective I’m going to be with Muppet…Man, I need to learn to breathe. ;) Anyways, as soon as we crossed that bridge, I felt happiness just spread across my body. I was back in my ‘other’ home, Prince Edward Island!

Prince Edward Island has always felt like a second home to me. Every visit feels so comfortable and familiar that it’s hard not to feel at home. The people are amazingly friendly, the landscape is beautiful no matter where you look and the pace is so relaxed that you instantly feel the change from the usual hustle and bustle of regular life. All you really want to do is smell the salty sea air while walking along the beach or harbour, or in my mother’s case, eat a cone of grape nut ice cream. She sure loves that stuff!A really important thing for me on this trip was to rub some red sand on my belly to officially welcome Muppet to the island. I didn’t feel that it would be a real visit without getting my feet wet in the ocean, or a little stained from the dirt. So I walked along the ocean collecting sea glass and shells for Muppet’s nursery, and then rubbed earth all over my belly. Some collected in my belly button. Maybe Muppet was hoping to take some home.

We were able to see the red sands on Tignish Shore while staying with the best hosts on the island, Bill and Lil’Cec (truly, you have never met more wonderful people than these two), and the white sands of Cavendish Beach.
Another thing I was able to see in Cavendish was an adorable fox that I just had to meet! We were driving away from Cavendish Beach when we save a fox sitting in the middle of the road. We pulled over, and I quietly got out of the car with my camera, leaving my noisy flip flops in the middle of the road. I was able to get pretty close to him, and he didn’t seem too phased by me either. He playfully batted like a cat at some weeds that were sticking out from the brush, scratched himself behind his ears like a dog and then suddenly a loud truck rumbled past and he was off like a shot back into the bush. I climbed sadly back into the car, and it wasn’t until we were back on the main road that I remembered I had left my sandals behind. We had to go back and as I approached them, a huge tourist bus came barreling down the road, heading straight for them! I covered my mouth and… the bus missed them by an inch. *Whew!*
A very important stop for tourists on the island is the Cows store. That place is always hopping, and I think it was especially busy since Regis and Kelly were filming their show on the island that week. Apparently, during their visit, PEI was second most googled thing on the internet! I expect an increase in tourism next summer for sure! The day they got there, the Cows store released a new shirt in their honor. I took a picture while I was in one of the stores…we visited many. ;) The Cows store sells  really fun merchandise, ranging from t-shirts, to mugs, to pens, to calendars and more! They also have a-moo-zing ice cream! Hahahaha…*Ahem* While I was there, I also found some gifts for Muppet! I got an adorable bib, a t-shirt and a little onesie that is just perfect, as we are doing a Winnie the Pooh theme. I just couldn’t resist!
While in Prince Edward Island, I went through week 17 of my pregnancy. During that week, the baby is able to yawn, weighs the same amount as a boneless chicken breast, is more conscious of sounds surrounding him/her and the nerves in the brain are working hard on developing the rest of the 5 senses. At 17 weeks, Little Muppet was the size of a sweet potato, so we thought it only fitting to take a picture in a potato field. Oddly enough, my mom has a picture of me sitting in a potato field when I was just a wee one, so next summer we’ll be sure to get a photo of Muppet playing in the red earth, surrounded by potato plants. I cannot wait to see Muppet’s first reactions to the feel of sand between it’s fingers, the waves lapping at it’s little chubby legs, or the sounds and sights on the harbours. I know, it too, will come to look at this peaceful island as it’s second home.
I’m glad we have such a beautiful spot to visit Muppet’s Great-Meme and Great- Pepe and I know we can look forward to spending many family vacations there. It’s comforting to know that Meme’s spirit will live on there, and that she’ll never be too far away, and well, she’ll probably enjoy watching Little Muppet’s island adventures… especially the first little fist full of dirt in the mouth. Yuck!
*When I got back home to my pets and husband, Little Muppet jumped around again. I think it missed it’s Daddy! Awwww!



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  1. Elle says:

    This post was a good and long one, but it made me cry! I too am so excited to bring little girl to Norway, to experience the peaceful waters and fjords. It's such a wonderful thing that you have such a beautiful place to visit as well :) It's funny because P.E.I is very much like the Norwegian countryside and it would be awesome if we could take our little families on a trip out that way.

    I would love to check out the Anne of Green Gables house and the things you love over there. I know I was there for a short time, but I loved crossing the bridge as the sun was coming up and the wonderful, warm-hearted people there.

    I love this entry and little muppet will appreciate the glass and stones and red sand when she reads this in a couple years :)

    Love you sista!


  2. Elle says:

    OMG I totally wrote "She" that was from the soul and I totally didn't know until I read it again to make sure all was good! Well maybe my heart of hearts thinks it's a little girl! :D

    Either way He/She will love this :)

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