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16 (weeks) and Pregnant!

16 (weeks) and Pregnant!

Since I just posted my 15 weeks the other day, not much has changed, though I have discovered the annoyance of heartburn. Oh man! I have never been one to get heartburn, so when I heard people complain about it, I just thought they were overreacting. Well, I retract that stance and can now sympathize as I am experiencing bad heartburn everyday. No matter what I eat, no matter how bland, it prevails! I have read that this is very common for some women, and that eventually, it too shall pass, so I’ll just chug back carton after carton of milk and wait.

Another change is that I am slowly getting into maternity clothing! I have broken down and actually started wearing some maternity jeans, as many pairs of mine are now starting to dig into my ever-growing gut, which is a little uncomfortable. I’m not going to lie…they are actually quite lovely. They may not look amazing, but my tummy is really loving it. I can eat food and let my belly expand without worrying that I am cutting off circulation to Little Muppet… which means I’ll probably start growing as big as a house soon. ;)

At week 16, Little Muppet is about the size of a turnip! It is starting to accumulate some baby fat, which will continue through the pregnancy. I can’t wait to see those chubby little legs! Another exciting thing is that the baby is now starting to listen to the world around it! It is able to hear us talking, the dog barking, and my husband… “singing”. ;) I hope it will become accustomed to the sound of our dog barking, as this is a habit he’s gotten into lately and we just can’t seem to break it. I have read that if they hear barking often enough, they will be able to sleep right through any doggy outbursts. So fingers crossed everyone!

Now that we are at week 16, I read that I may soon be able to feel my little one fluttering around. Well, yesterday I think I just may have! I was lying down in bed after a shower, massaging my belly when suddenly I felt this light popping feeling. I looked down at my tummy and saw a small ripple go across the left side of my belly, right by my belly button! It was really freaky! (And no, it wasn’t gas!) I’m thinking that maybe the baby was doing a little u-turn in my belly! :D

Now I’d like to do a little shout out to my husband. I have always known that I am the luckiest girl alive to have my best friend as my husband, but now that I am pregnant, I am realizing just how lucky I truly am. Over the past few months, he has grown into an even more loving and supportive partner then I could have ever dreamed of. He works so hard to support our little family, and yet thinks of me in the middle of it all. The other day, he took our dog Sawyer out for his walk while I had my shower. I heard him call my name, so I pulled back the shower curtain to see what he wanted, and there he stood with a little bouquet of wildflowers he had picked on his walk for me. Just that simple little action of love and thoughtfulness shows me how much he loves and appreciates me, and really reveals how wonderful he’ll be as a father. He’s always willing to listen, to settle my overactive mind, to calm my nerves, to make me laugh (like no one else can), to be silly with me, to share and most importantly, to love me and our little family unconditionally. Thank you so much hon… I love you lots! XO


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  1. 16 weeks pregnant says:

    Yeah, Even I have started sensing the heart beat along with the bumps and kicks. I think it is now the size of an apple. 16 weeks pregnant women’s do see many changes.

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