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15 Weeks Pregnant with an Apple Sized Baby!

15 Weeks Pregnant with an Apple Sized Baby!

Sorry I’m a little late posting this, as I am actually starting into my 16th week, but I just thought I’d still record what has gone on in the last week, so my little one will know all about his/her beginnings. :)

I have really gotten most of my appetite back, though I am still losing weight! I think this must be due to the fact that most of the foods I’m eating are healthy, which is unusual for me, as I tend to be the pizza and chicken wing girl around my house. All I want is fruit all day! I’ve started a habit of making yummy fruit smoothies every morning, and man are they delicious. My favourite recipe is mixing a cup of ice, a cup of plain yogurt (you can use flavoured if you prefer), a splash of milk, a whole banana and a bunch of fruit together in the blender. I’ve been mixing my fresh strawberries in with frozen raspberries, which makes it even colder. It is so good, and well, it’s also good for the body, so why not?

My nasal congestion is currently under control as well…*knock on wood*. It’s not completely gone, but it’s definitely manageable and if it stays at this level instead of going back to what it was, well, I’ll never complain again…ha! ;) The only thing I can complain about is my darn back pain, which my doctor suspects is actually sacroiliac joint dysfunction. It occurs mostly in women, especially pregnant women when our bodies start creating the hormone ‘relaxin’ which loosens the joints to prepare the body for delivery. It feels just like sciatic pain, as it sends waves of pain from the lower back down the legs, and can occur on both sides of the body. Apparently the SI joint is responsible for absorbing shock while walking and helping your body balance. So it makes sense that it hurts mostly when I am standing or siting for long periods of time. I’m thinking of looking for a prenatal swim class to help strengthen my back, and the doctor recommended I look into physiotherapy as the pain generally worsens as the pregnancy progresses. Other then that, I feel pretty darn good!

As of week 15, Little Muppet is about the size of a large apple! It is currently developing it’s air sacs in it’s lungs by breathing in and out the amniotic fluid. The baby is now able to move all it’s limbs and joints and is most likely doing the “Tyrannosaurus” dance move like it’s father. I’ve read that if you were to shine a flashlight at my tummy, it would be able to sense the light even though it’s eyes are still fused shut. Maybe it’s a little shy. ;)

I still haven’t felt any flutters yet, but will let you all know as soon as I do!

It’s kind of funny. We went for a prenatal the other day and the doctor brought out the doppler so we could finally hear our little one’s heartbeat. So she moved it around a little on my stomach, and said, “That’s normal”. We then left the doctor’s office and I turned to Chris and said, “I just wish we had heard it’s heartbeat”. Chris looked at me and said, “We did….”. I said, “All I heard was the machine!”, to which he replied, “That was the sound of the baby’s heart!”. Apparently the doctor was commenting that the heartbeat was normal, not that not hearing it was normal. I then started to pout and cried, “I’m such a bad mother! I can’t even recognize my baby’s heartbeat!”. I don’t know what I thought it would sound like, but I’ll be listening for it better next time! :)

Bump Alert!

My belly is really starting to show! I went to my sister’s graduation wearing a cute little tube top and skirt and couldn’t believe how much my tummy had grown! I’m starting to get little belly rubs from family which is still so odd to me as I’m still getting used to the idea that there is someone in there, but I am so glad our Little Muppet will be surrounded by so many loving and caring people throughout it’s life.

I’ll be back soon with Week 16!!


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  1. Elle says:

    You are adorable! I am also making the smoothies sans milk! I might try the magic bullet this week. Everything else gets too messy and I make too much causing me to eat it all…

    I would love to try yours! You look beautiful! Love you! xoxo

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