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Morning Sickness Begins

Morning Sickness Begins

For my birthday, Chris booked us a romantic getaway in Niagara Falls at this beautiful hotel overlooking the falls. This lovely birthday present also came with a $50 gift-card that could be used at a number of restaurants, including our favourite, The Keg. I had been looking forward to this little vacation as both of us had been working a lot lately and just needed a break.

The day before my birthday and our trip, I noticed that I was starting to get a little cold. I was hoping it was just a mild case of congestion and that I would get over it quickly. Well, that wasn’t to be. The next morning, I woke up feeling like a bag of dirt. My nose was so congested that I started to feel nauseated from all the phlegm. I know, TMI. We decided to truck on though, and felt we should make the best of it anyways. As we drove, I started feeling worse and worse and then began dry heaving. Ah, dry heaving. Nothing makes men run like the sound of a woman gagging.

When we got to the hotel, I looked out my window at the beautiful view, and then crawled into my bed wearing my pajamas with a kleenex stuck up my nose. At this time, I still believed I just had some flu bug. I had no idea that women get really congested when pregnant. It wasn’t until dinner that I realized how much I didn’t want to see food. Poor Chris, being the good husband that he is, got in bed with me and exclaimed how much he really wanted to watch the Mythbusters Marathon anyways. We stayed in bed all night, watching marathon after marathon. I don’t think I could have loved my husband any more then I did at that moment.

In the morning, we realized we still had to use that $50 gift-card, as it was only valid that weekend. Again the thought of food sent me gagging until my eyes teared up. We decided to try eating at T.G.I. Friday’s. I thought that maybe I’d have a salad…or something light. Sadly, everything on the menu was smothered in a rich sauce or drowning in a heavy gravy. I eventually fought back many…”tears” while I looked at the rather graphic menu (and by graphic I am meaning that it had lots of pictures) and decided on a salad, which I had them change from breaded chicken to grilled and with dressing on the side. I could barely eat any of it. What a waste of $50.

It was while I was reading the menu that I started thinking about my sudden illness. I couldn’t believe how strongly I was reacting even to images of food. Some smells had me running for the bathroom! Then I put two and two together, and not only did I find out that equaled 4 (haha), but I realized I was 6 weeks pregnant, the time morning sickness kicks in! (Why it’s called morning sickness is beyond me…it lasts all day and night!) I really felt relived, and then of course, I felt sick.

On our way home, we made sure to stop by one attraction, as to not waste our trip. Yes, we stopped by the largest souvenir shop in Niagara Falls! We didn’t buy anything, but we did take some horrible pictures of each other. It was one of the oddest trips we’ve ever been on, but we’ll remember it for always.

April 25, 2010

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