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Good Things Are Worth Waiting For

Good Things Are Worth Waiting For

We never thought it would take so long. We never figured we’d have to see so many little tests in the garbage with their little negative signs. Never in a million years! In reality, it didn’t actually take that long, but when you decide you really want something, waiting can seem like forever.

When we decided to try to conceive, we agreed we wouldn’t share that we were trying, as we didn’t want to feel pressured or be bombarded with advice, even though it would have been given with the best intentions. We thought, “What if it takes a long time and people think we are broken?” or, “Do we really want everyone know what we are doing at night…?”. So we went on our baby quest, secretly and quietly and eventually we began to question ourselves. “Should it be taking this long?”, “Why did I even go on birth control in the first place?!”, “Are you sure you aren’t broken?”.

 I went off to the “trusty” internet and began searching for answers. I learned that many couples take 6-8 months to get pregnant, and 84% of couples get pregnant within a year of trying. Well, did that ever make us feel better! So we continued our adventure, and then one day, we were super surprised when one of those little tests finally read positive!

I had started to suspect that something was up that month, because I was feeling a little dizzy and was suffering from some bad heartburn, which is very unusual for me. I didn’t tell Chris my suspicions because I didn’t want to get our hopes up, so I kept my thoughts buried deep in my heart for the next few days. Then after missing a visit from my “aunt”, I decided to take the urine test. Chris wasn’t so sure. He wanted me to wait a few more days, but I really felt that something was going on, so I made him get out of bed and come and check the test with me. Sure enough, when we went into the washroom, there were two pink lines waiting for us! I was overjoyed! I went from crying to laughing, then back to crying while Chris stood in the washroom, leaned over the test on the counter with his arms crossed and said, “Yup, there are two pink lines…” and “I’d pick it up (the test), but you peed all over it!”. He was in shock, and even still I think he has a hard time believing it. 

We immediately tried to think of what to do next. We had spent all that time trying to have a baby, that we had no idea what the next step was. I decided to call the midwives in the area as I know they book up very fast, and was put on two waiting lists. Then I called my family doctor. I was told that I had to go to a clinic and do another urine test so they could verify the results.  

I was even more nervous to do the test at the clinic, as I was afraid that maybe our test was faulty. To make matters worse, Chris couldn’t take me until the afternoon, and I was supposed to go in the morning (TMI: morning urine is really potent). To calm me down, Chris bought me another home test to take in the meantime, which turned positive instantly, in fact, it was positive before I was even done! I believe Chris said that meant I was “super pregnant”. 

We calculated that at this point we were about 4 weeks pregnant, so the baby was about the size of an apple seed. I felt that we needed a visual demonstration, so I took a picture of an apple. Our estimated due date is December 18, 2010…but of course, that could change when we go for our ultrasound.

We are still in shock but over the moon with happiness! It amazes me how two crazy kids can fall in love with each other, and still have room in their hearts for a new little buddy (even if it is only the size of an apple seed). I just never knew one’s heart could grow any bigger. 

April 12, 2010

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